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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feisty Family Values by B. D. Tharp

Feisty Family Values by B. D. Tharp
Publisher: Five Star Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (269 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

This series of original novels focuses primarily on romance, including all subgenres, as well as stories that speak to the heart of today's female reader and her interests. Authors include both established voices of the field and new, emerging talents with stories in a variety of settings and genres -- historical, contemporary, Regency, suspense and more. Previous titles have included work from Jo Manning, Tess Pendergrass, Melinda Rucker Haynes, Rae Ellen Lee and more.

Come on in! The house is old and so are the inhabitants, but the action is as fresh and sparkling as the dew in the early morning sun. B. D. Tharp’s imagery and dialogue create an amazing story of friendship and love. Just imagine a place where events happen that cause “silence to hang like bats from the ceiling” or where one ‘mature’ woman tells another “I have class and you’re just crass”; but, also, where one of them says, “Lord, how about I let you drive and I’ll ride shotgun”. The range of emotions is overwhelming at times and touches some tender, raw spots now and then. But, a unique humor hums along ready to burst out at any time.

Women, with as many facets as a fine cut diamond, come alive on the pages of Feisty Family Values. The reader sees sides of meanness, sweetness, cruelty, caring, insecurity, cunningness, cattiness, courage, and many, many more. But, one side that sparkles with depth and resilience is that invisible tie that binds women in friendship—a tie that gets stretched to its limits at times but refuses to break.

Regina, Tillie, and Annabelle come from distinctly different backgrounds but as they co-exist under one roof, they strike sparks off each other, give strength to each other, and drive the loneliness and despair away that each of them has experienced.

The secondary characters bring out even more sides of these three intrepid women. Joe and Sam are men of courage to step into that pride of lionesses. The children Peggy, Tad, and Megan bring out totally new traits in the adults. Some of the events with them are heartbreaking. Ms. Pickles, the three-legged cat, plays a very special role that reveals much about ‘her’ people.

With exceptional skill, B. D. Tharp’s creates “oh-so-human” characters that bear out the belief that “one is a product of one’s rearing”. However, redemption comes as these captivating characters “grow up” and accept responsible for their own future.

Feisty Family Values is a story to enjoy more than one time. It is a KEEPER!