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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fatal Burn by Roxanne Rustand

Fatal Burn by Roxanne Rustand
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary
Length: Full (213 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Someone's after Kris Donaldson, and they don't just want her hurt—they want her ruined. First, an arsonist tries to destroy her cabin, and evidence points to Kris. Then an injured deputy is found at her place…with ballistics proof that he was shot with her rifle. Even Trace Randall, the arson investigator who's helped her before, seems to doubt her now. She has to prove her innocence, but how? Her reputation, her life—and her chance for happiness with Trace—are all on the line.

Kris Donaldson finally realizes the bad things that have happened in her life are not heavenly retribution, but are products of humans using their freedom of choice unwisely. Kris’ strong desire to get her life on track after years of paying for bad choices: some her own choices, others bad choices made by parents, foster parents, and her ex-:husband. The fallout from these bad choices cause Kris to negate her self-worth.

When she inherits 40 acres and a cabin in Montana from an unknown relative, Kris allows herself to hope for a brighter future. Feeling a need to attend church, she goes and finds courage to keep trying when things look rather hopeless. However, new troubles beset her. Most of them seem to stem from her compassion for all of God’s creatures—man and beast. She seems totally defeated until….

Trace Randall, an ex rodeo cowboy, is Kris’ neighbor who works hard to make his ranch a profitable operation while trying to heal from a bad physical injury and an even worse emotional injuries. His haunting memories of his ex-finance and his best friend make him anti-social even though he does much to benefit the community.

Carrie, Trace’s sister, reaches out in faith to Trace and Kris even though she is still recovering from a devastating divorce.

Gossip, revenge, and self-doubt undermine Kris’ hope of having a home of her own and of having a love all her own. How she survives vandalism, fire, being shot at, and the gossip creates exciting reading. However, the very best reading is how Trace and Kris both become attuned to that still, small voice within that guides them to an awareness of their own personal worth and to feel they are worthy of a happy-ever-after.