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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers by Angie Fox
Publisher: Dorchester
Length: Full (229 pages)
Genre: Paranormal
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Seriously. Why does a new hair dryer have a twelve-page how-to manual, but when it comes to ancient demon-fighting hocus-pocus, my biker witch granny gives me just half a dozen switch stars and a rah-rah speech? Oh, and a talking terrier, but that’s another story. It’s not like my job as a preschool teacher prepared me for this kind of thing.

So I’ve decided to write my own manual, The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers, because no one tells me anything. Dimitri, my “protector,” may be one stud of a shape-shifting griffin, but he always thinks he can handle everything by himself. Only he’s no match for the soul-stealing succubi taking over Las Vegas. If I can’t figure out how to save him—and Sin City—there’ll be hell to pay.

Life with Lizzie Brown the Demon Slayer, who, only months ago, was a preschool teacher, a pleaser, and miss-goody-two-shoes that never even had a library fine has changed just a bit. While Lizzie has “natural abilities” that are “off the charts” to be a demon slayer, she is sorely lacking in training. Consequently, the havoc she creates at times makes the heart pound. Lizzie goes from unlicensed demon slayer, with a raft of fines for unauthorized activities, to a demon slayer with a learner’s permit, to the recipient of a license with a gold seal from the Department of Intermagical Procedures. Angie Fox sweeps the reader along at warp speed as Lizzie encounters fairies, Skeeps, succubui, gargoyles, hell-hounds, ghosts, and many other strange creatures—some friendly and others bent on destroying her and her loved ones.

Her lover, drop-dead gorgeous Dimitri, once of pure royal griffin blood, now has a touch of demon slayer essence in him since Lizzie gave him some of her essence The Accidental Demon Slayer. Now his powerful, sweet, protective griffin nature has a touch of “kick-ass” demon slayer, making him one dangerous creature to mess with.

Pirate, Lizzie’s Jack Russell terrier, Lizzie’s grandmother and her gang of witches on their Harleys believe, “life is about chasing that magic moment”. Not a one of them of them ever misses a chance to do just that. Their adventures send blood racing through the veins and make the heart pound. The off-hand humor that runs through their doings keeps a continual sparkling undercurrent threaded through some of terrifying escapades.

In Las Vegas, Lizzie and her entourage set in to rescue her great-uncle Phil and stir up a swarm of succubi that are bent on controlling the world.

The war between good and evil rages with Lizzie right in the middle of it as she fights a personal battle of whether to accept the 666 power into her being to defeat the enemy and save those she loves, or to depend solely on her own powers and risk the chance that her powers might not be enough.

Angie Fox is one GOOD storyteller. She kicks the reader’s senses into overdrive, infuses a delightful stream of humor, and creates an undercurrent of a second level of meaning that is evocative.

The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers is full of thrills and chills with a super love story woven in to warm the heart and tantalize the senses. EXCITING!