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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buried Heart by A. Y. Stratton

Buried Heart by A. Y. Stratton
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full (326 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Public relations expert Lauren Richmond believes her family has been jinxed in the love department. To avoid the chaos she suffered as a child, she has built a grammatically-perfect, passion-free life, which crumbles shortly after she rescues a man from muggers. The victim, Luis Hernandez, is an archeology professor on a quest to locate an ancient Mayan document that survived the Spanish Inquisition. Convinced that the Codex exists, Luis is determined to protect his ancestors’ priceless artifacts. When strangers ransack Luis’s home and office and then threaten Lauren, sweet and seductive Luis insists the mysterious map he inherited from his grandfather has nothing to do with the incidents. Deep in the Mexican rain forest at a Mayan dig site, Luis and Lauren must outsmart ruthless grave robbers and battle phantoms from their past to rescue a treasure that could destroy their love.

Whether in the snowy cold of Wisconsin or in the steamy rain forest of Mexico, Lauren Richman and Luiz Hernandez make BURIED HEART sizzle with their sexual attraction to each other.

Lauren long ago vowed to never fall in love and marry. Her parents showed her how destructive love and marriage could be. Also, Enid, a woman with a strong hold on Lauren, reinforces Lauren’s resolve with hurtful remarks. Lauren’s public relations business and her business venture with the old building she inherited from her grandfather keep her busy. Her longtime friend, the athletic Adonis, Rocky, supplies all the social life she has time for--he would love to supply much more.

An assistant professor of archeology at a university in Wisconsin, Dr. Luiz Hernandez’s true interest is searching for a special codex in the Mayan ruins near his childhood home. However, he is not averse to being pursued by women regardless of where he is. When rescued by Lauren, he declares her brave and beautiful and becomes the pursuer rather than the pursued, but even with the desire he has for her, he keeps her in the dark about his situation. Consequently, she is endangered.

The mystery surrounding Luiz and his family in regard to the Mayan caves makes for heart-racing reading. As the plot unfolds and Lauren saves Luiz again, the reader expects smooth sailing to a happy-ever-after ending, but the interference of others and long-sought-after goals being realized by both Luiz and Lauren create a quagmire of troubles. Love suffers; pride rears its head, and unhappy, unfulfilling times come.

How A. Y. Stratton unravels the tangles makes enthralling reading. Her delving into Mayan history takes the reader out of the primary story at times. However, all of the history and the wide array of secondary characters work together to enhance the action, suspense, and mystery of the story. The humor, description, plot, and clear writing style make BURIED HEART captivating.