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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bridged by Love by Patricia Lieb

Bridged by Love by Patricia Lieb
Publisher: Asylett Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Sensual, but R-rated for violence
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

"Bridged by Love," by Patricia Lieb - Spring Hill resident Lieb has written a historical adventure set in the late 1880s in Texarkana, a city that straddles the Texas-Arkansas line. Lieb draws on a bounty of historical knowledge to craft a tale of two women - one native American, the other white - linked together in a fight against injustice. ~ Tampa Tribune

Patricia Lieb’s novel, Bridged by Love, offers a very focused window to the epic struggle of frontier and native women in the late nineteenth century, Texas. It kicks off as far from the romantic notion of the honorable plains-riding cowboy as one can imagine. The opening violence – murder – by a young Native woman who has been held in abhorrent slavery – sets the background struggle, hardship and cruelty. Shanna’s efforts, not only for herself but for her child, make her admirable immediately nonetheless. Kathryn, who loses not only a child but any belief in love, has not known the same hardship, but sorrow, then cruelty dog her as well.

Their meeting, the understanding and sharing shown between these two young mothers, allows us to grasp the meaning and value of a friendship that might spring from the depths of despair. Kathryn, spurred on by the wealth of a wonderful and giving heart, makes a decision that will change her life, and others, as well. The need that brings them together reflects not only poorly on the men in their lives, but on men in general. One might imagine that hardly a decent man existed at the time. It's hard to explain the evocative nature of this work. Desperation and despair are only the beginning; and the depths they bring us to make the heartwarming moments so uplifting.

At last, Alex is introduced and lovers of romance will entertain some hope – but by then, our hearts will truly be with the ‘family’ of friendship created by kindness…and love for a baby. This showcases the selflessness and strength of the women of the time beyond all else.

Although some stock stereotypical western characters decorate the background, they are at no point distracting. The vibrancy of the main characters – and their sundry enemies, shines through. More irritating are several sudden point of view changes, which at times interrupted the flow of the plot. This is far from a typical romance, but the strong emotional quality will certainly engage your heart. 4 books