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Friday, January 22, 2010

Wanted: True Love by Janet Quinn

Wanted: True Love by Janet Quinn
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Full (274 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Eglantine

Bree-Anna, a witch, has been searching for true love her whole life, with no success, thanks to Gerard, a warlock. As her two-hundredth birthday approaches, she has given up and knows she must face Gerard and culmination of the curse he put on her. If she doesn’t find true love, she must marry Gerard or give him her powers.

She flees Gerard and moves to Los Angeles to reinvent herself. There she meets Quinton Lawrey, a man whom she knows she can love. He comes under her spell and wants nothing more than to spend time with her. Then, she must tell him her secret—she is a witch with magical powers.

Can Quinton accept Bree-Anna for who she is? Will his love prove to be true and break the curse, or must Bree-Anna give up her powers to escape Gerard?

I just love it when a writer blends playful humour with a convincing love story, and when this is done with a sprinkling of magic on top, I’m particularly pleased. In Wanted: True Love, Ms Quinn manages this sometimes delicate task with aplomb. She creates a believable and often very amusing magical world that co-exists with ours. The heroine’s dilemma is one that is both amusing and wrenches sympathy from us, the readers: haven’t we all, at some stage, felt as if we’d search two hundred years for love in vain? Our hero is a likeable man, who is not emasculated by his confusion over the heroine’s sometimes odd behaviour.

Here and there, a secondary character seemed just a little too dreadful to get away with what they did; however, this did not detract much from the pleasant reading. The plot was also enough to keep me intrigued, both the overall dilemma of Bree-Anna’s search for love, and the sub-plot of Quint’s search for a thief. Sticklers for grammar, punctuation etc. can rest assured that this title has been decently edited. Kudos to the staff at Whiskey Creek Press for getting it right when many e-publishers fail so spectacularly in this department.

I highly recommend Wanted: True Love as a great, relaxing read. A pleasant yarn spun with a perfectly light touch.