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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trust Your Heart by Christine Columbus

Trust Your Heart by Christine Columbus
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (132 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Michelle, a divorced mother of two preschool children living in a Minneapolis suburb, maintains her subscription to her hometown newspaper. So when she bumps into childhood friend David, she already knew he was successful and a bachelor, but what the paper forgot to mention was how he had matured into a handsome man.

Memories of their past resurface, and once more, she envisions playing house with him. Although this time it's the adult-rated version, where he's selling software that threatens her job, her co-workers refuse to play nice, her ex-husband is acting just plain weird and the hometown paper is in an uproar over who is sending her flowers and who she should date. Michelle doesn’t know whom to believe until she steps back and looks deep within and trusts her heart.

Michelle Mason, a beleaguered single mom with two children, works in a job that may disappear, listens to too much gossip, still hurts from her failed marriage, and even tolerates being propositioned by her ex-husband. Her self-esteem has hit rock bottom until David Lindstrom, an old high school friend, comes back into her life.

David Lindstrom is the farm boy made good. He no longer smells like manure. He is rich now and works for a technology company that may be instrumental is causing layoffs in the company that employees Michelle. She is conflicted about renewing their friendship. But David is a hit with her children and he is SO sexy.

The humor in TRUST YOUR HEART is a little off-putting at times. However, it does relieve some of the hopelessness that threatens to engulf Michelle until she takes her mother’s advice to find answers by examining what is in her heart then act on those answers.

Many of the secondary characters create a negative environment for Michelle and her ex-husband regularly undermines her resolve, making her question her judgment. She does struggle to get to her happy-ever-after.

TRUST YOUR HEART is a fictional look at what, at times, is a fact of real life. How Michelle copes and learns to trust her own heart while finally recognizing what she truly values in life makes the story a revelation of how a woman comes to terms with the past and moves on to a more positive future.