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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

November Rain by Debbie Gould

November Rain by Debbie Gould
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (80 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Jessica Kauffman says goodbye to her husband Tyler—again. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan , this time to fight in the war. Their attempts to have a baby unsuccessful, Jessica remains home alone…but that isn’t strictly true. Through a unique bond, she connects with Tyler in their dreams, seeing, touching, and being with him.

After finding out some precious news, Jessica’s world is soon turned upside down, plunging her into a nightmare. Tyler ’s plane has gone down, and the search is on to find him—dead or alive.

Frightened for her future, she keeps the faith that Tyler will come back, believing their love is the key to his return. But will the Search and Rescue team find Tyler and bring him back home, or will Jessica have to face the rest of her life raising his child alone?

The fluency and pace of Debbie Gould’s writing hooked me from the start and carried me through every page turning event to the end. Disturbances were not tolerated while reading this story.

It is packed full of emotion, detail and conflict. In her dreams Jess Kauffman learns of events and happenings in the war torn environment her husband has been posted to. And through these dreams the author conveys the strength and importance of that connection Jess has to husband Tyler.

Skilfully woven into dreams and reality of the present are dreams of the past. Dreams that will impact on the present. But far away events are unfolding that threaten to shatter Jess’s dreams of the future. When she dreams in vivid detail of the moment her husband’s plane is shot down, the battle for her future begins.

“Hold on to the trust that your love is coming in loud and clear and is keeping me strong enough to get through the fear and pain.” Tyler’s message gives her the strength to face delays, setbacks, storm and hurricanes. And in that message the Ms Gould confirms that her heroine’s strength is what is carrying her hero forward.

Set in harrowing circumstances, this is a beautiful story of love and the strength true love gives. It is a story of the differing levels and importance of family and friends.

Every word Debbie Gould presents within eighty pages count. This is a story well worth reading.