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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Nexus Xmas by Viola Grace

A Nexus Xmas by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Short (56 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Deciding what to get for her gnomes for their first Xmas was Abby's main concern, until the little buggers tricked her into animating the snow warriors that they had created in her yard. The new creatures rampage throughout the neighbourhood and molest the quiet homes of Sargent in an effort to strip away their holiday magic. Abby and the others must stop the snowmen while keeping the magic hidden from the average populace. When Yeti arrive to help, Abby is more than willing to accept whatever they will offer to stop the holiday horror of a giant Snow Beast created for the purpose of world domination. All this, and she still has to shop for the holidays, what is a Nexus to do?

Abby is spending her first Christmas with her gnomes, her gargoyles and all the magical folk in her new hometown. She is trying to decide what gifts to give her creations, but her plans get derailed when her little ones try to do something special for her. What happens when magic meets Holiday wild magic is beyond Abby’s imagining.

The gnomes created snowmen for Abby, but place beads imbued with magic in each one. When Abby’s magic and the wild magic combine, even Abby’s lover Xander can’t stop the mayhem. Who do you go to when the Nexus can’t stop the magical animated snowmen intent on taking over and causing permanent winter over the entire world? Can Xander and Abby find a way to stop the snowmen before chaos reigns? Will Abby and Xander be in time to save their friends, who have been frozen and encased in ice?

Viola Grace brings back all of the wonderful characters from her Nexus series for a fantastic holiday adventure. Her description of why Abby calls it Xmas is delightful: as Abby says, there are so many beliefs in her little corner of the world, Xmas means a crossover and combining of all the different ones.

I love that Abby is so determined to have a wonderful holiday that she really doesn’t want to destroy anything. But the snowmen finally make her take a stand against them, and when Xander finds the one magical group that can help, he brings them to the rescue.

This wouldn’t be a Viola Grace story without a bit of wry wit and sarcastic humor, and it abounds in this story. Do Abby and Xander get their happy ever after (again)? Of course they do, and they make some new friends in the process. Do the gnomes get the gifts they deserve? Yes, and Abby’s solution for their mischievous ways is absolutely brilliant. I love this one, because it brings lighthearted fun back to the reading experience.