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Monday, January 4, 2010

Forever His by Christine Young

Forever His by Christine Young
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (261 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Oleander

Struggling to come to terms with the part she played in Jacob St. John’s death, Etta Barringer resigns from Pinkerton Agency and seeks peace and solace in a Rocky Mountain Cabin. Jacob has vowed to discover the reason Etta has betrayed him, sold him out to his enemy and left him for dead. Isolated in their cabin, they discover their love for each other and learn to trust. But the trust is shattered when Jacob learns she is married to his sworn enemy; the man who left him in the desert to die.

Twice betrayed by the woman he secretly loved, Jacob St. John vowed not to let the sexually alluring, but life threateningly dangerous Etta Barringer get away. She was going to pay and Jacob was planning on surprising the deceptive beauty and making sure she knew just how fiercely exasperated he really was. Problem being, Etta was convinced that Jacob was dead.

Watching Jacob die by the hand of Chavez broke Etta’s heart and you immediately feel compassion for her while she tries to forget the blurry memories of his confusing death. Blurry because Chavez has drugged her and you know in your heart that Etta would have never double crossed Jacob….. again. Both times were accidental and almost comical in how they played out. Jacob had no clue and is determined to get his own taste of revenge. If only he could get those lustful thoughts out of his head!

Etta is charming, pure and simple, and you can’t help but feel her grief at her hand in Jacob’s murder. She determines to quit her job with the Pinkerton’s, feeling she is no longer worthy of the position.

I sympathized with Jacob as he plotted his revenge on Etta. Despite how cruel he planned to be to her, he just couldn’t get past the feeling that maybe, just maybe she was telling the truth. That perhaps she didn’t want him dead and wasn’t a conspirator with Chavez.

A romantic and passionate love story developed between Etta and Jacob, but both will have to put the past aside if they plan on a future together. Watching the two overcome lies and begins to trust and believe in each other, I was simply swept away into their world and cheered them on hoping that through all the mistakes and lies they could find their happy ending.

A captivating and intriguing story that sucks you in and takes you back into 1895 with a timeless tale filled with high drama, a ruthless criminal and two lovers who are intended to be together. If you want to keep on the edge of your seat , turning pages and wondering what will happen next or if Etta and Jacob will make it through all of their troubles, then this is the book for you.