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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Emma The Outlaw by Laura Hogg

Emma The Outlaw by Laura Hogg
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short (27 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Queen Anne’s Lace

Emma looks down at the crowd from a hanging platform.

Her father was framed, and she took the blame for the crime to save him from execution. Where is her beloved husband, Nate? She looks around and sees her husband on a horse, guns blazing. In a whirlwind rescue, she hops on the back of his horse, and they’re off, realizing that they will spend the rest of their lives as outlaws.

They capture a wanted man and leave him at the doorstep of the sheriff’s office. The sheriff finds Emma and Nate and makes an interesting deal with them: they will capture the bad guys behind the scenes and allow him to take all the credit…this in turn for not being run in. For this couple, ahead lies a life of excitement and passionate love.

For fans of a good western—Gunsmoke & Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman to name a few—Emma The Outlaw will not disappoint. I originally wanted to read Ms. Hogg’s novel because the blurb reminisced many other beloved westerns I’ve read and watched over the years. Ms. Hogg’s novel truly lived up to all my expectations and proved to be both an exciting and enjoyable read.

The story first introduces us to Emma, our heroine. She’s a beautiful, tough and devoted daughter placed in an impossible situation. Her father is wrongly accused of murder and sentenced to hang for his crimes. Without time or options, she does the only thing she can to save her father’s life.

Then enters our hero. The hot, sexy and devoted rancher, Nate, her husband. With Emma’s life in the balance, Nate rides in to save his love, willingly dedicating all to her. Not to mention sharing several jalapeño hot kisses.

And all good westerns need to have atmosphere. I’m reminded of the first episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman when she first arrives off the stage coach. Mud is everywhere, in fact she falls in a big puddle almost right after her arrival. Emma The Outlaw may not have mud puddles, but the extensive descriptions of the town, streets, saloon, general store, and of course the lovely frontier gives the reader the lovely and desired environment of the classic western.

Emma The Outlaw begins strong and keeps the reader interested to the end. Don’t miss out on this wonderful story. A+++ job, Ms. Hogg.