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Friday, December 4, 2009

Wish For The Moon by Sandra Jones

Wish For The Moon by Sandra Jones
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Time Travel
Length: Full (370 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Matthias Thorne, a heroic knight, finds himself accused of a horrible crime he doesn’t remember. He flees his home in shame, believing he is guilty, but in his flight he stumbles across an ancient portal taking him far away to the future. In modern day Wales, Matthias lives with the troubles of the past long buried. He guards the mystery on his ancestral property as closely as he guards his own heart—until Carrie Greer, a modern-day herbalist, accidentally discovers his secret and drags him back to the hell he’d left behind in the 13th century.

Thrust into close confines with Carrie, Matthias is drawn into the depths of her trusting eyes and forms a tenuous bond with her that soon ignites a burning passion. Carrie’s faith becomes his inspiration as he fights inner demons that could shatter the bond of trust growing between them. Together they fight enemies of the flesh, church and time as Matthias attempts to win Carrie's love before his dark secret chases her away.

Herbalist Carrie Greer is no stranger to rejection. Her epilepsy has sent many boyfriends running for the hills. When the surly Professor Matthias Thorne refuses her request to search on his property in Wales for the Moon Plant (once used to control epileptic seizures), Carrie, determined to try to improve her quality of life, takes drastic steps. She ends up in 13th century Wales with the grouchy professor, who is a knight in that time but not one in good standing. Carrie, much at the mercy of Matthias, has some major adjustments to make. But her 21st century upbringing as an independent woman comes to the fore along with her curiosity. She makes a place for herself.

A conflicted Matthias knows if he had been less of an ogre and promised to bring Carrie seeds from the Moon Plant, neither of them would be back in the 13th century having to cope with political problems, power struggles, antiquated social mores and living conditions, nor would they have been pressured into a marriage and family feuds of longstanding. Moreover, the guilt he has carried since age eighteen would not be so glaringly in his and everyone else’s minds.

Sandra Jones’ compelling style brings the characters to life as she uses the social mores and living conditions so realistically that the reader’s senses and emotions are revved up to full throttle. From earth-shattering love scenes to descriptions of the awful smells and tastes of that age, Sandra Jones gives the reader vivid examples that create vicarious experiences of the first order.

The well-developed secondary characters like Matthias’ brother Giles; Maud, the witch; Edwina, Matthias’ old nurse; Rannulf, and many others, augment the 13th century way of life, the beliefs, superstitions, and arrogance of the nobility of that age.

21st century Carrie struggles to cope; but cope she does with style, compassion, and love along with some self-righteous anger.

Unmitigated selfishness of Matthias’ older brother, Matthias’ feelings of guilt, and Carrie’s deep-seated dread of rejection are huge obstacles to overcome before redemption comes and love can bring a happy-ever-after that is so deserved.