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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vicus Luna by Jessica Coulter Smith

Vicus Luna by Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (230 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

The town of Windsor, Georgia lives in fear of the Vicus Luna, the local werewolf pack. Each month the pack comes out and abducts a woman, someone to do their bidding, little more than a slave. It's on one of these nights that Cady Whitmore finds herself cornered by the Vicus Luna. Terrified, she faces three werewolves who wish to claim her as their own. When the alpha decides to claim her, Cady is horrified. From what she's heard, the alpha is a womanizing, chauvanistic, cruel man... When Marshall drags her off to a secluded cabin, she worries for her safety and her life.

As Cady struggles with many challenges thrown her way, she finds herself caught in a difficult spot. While Marshall may not love her, he isn't ready to let her go. Marshall's friend and fellow pack member, Brendan, knows that Cady is special and will stop at nothing to make sure she's safe.

In the end, the best werewolf will win...

The town of Windsor, Georgia, population three hundred, is just a bit different than any other town in America. You see, werewolves are a part of society in Windsor, whether Windsor wants them or not. The townspeople are terrified of the werewolves, and the pack is allowed to do as they please. Once a month, young women disappear from the streets, and they become the property of Vicus Luna, the Half-Moon pack. But when they snatch Cady Whitmore off the street, they get more than they bargain for.

Warned by her brother Jamie not to be out after dark, she talks him into letting her head out to her friend’s house to do homework. Jamie has to work, and it is only a few doors down, so he relents and she heads out. She is taken by a gang of the Vicus Luna wolves, and taken back to their headquarters. There, every one of the wolves wants to claim her, but the Alpha of the pack decides to keep her for himself. Marshall finds that Cady has some kind of power, able to strengthen an alpha to greater power. After several power plays, and a misunderstanding, Marshall turns her out, planning on making her the “pack whore”. But she is rescued from that fate by Brendan, who has feelings for her.

Jessica Coulter Smith has written a rich and detailed story of pack dynamic at its worst. These are not your noble heroic werewolves. These are mean and nasty bullies, lead by an amoral and totally hedonistic alpha male. Into this mix comes Cady, and she turns the pack every which way but loose.

She really is a strong female, and she doesn’t get that angering Marshall will cause her all sorts of problems. She believes him when he says he cares for her, even as he is planning on putting her in “the room” to service the entire pack.

Ms. Smith has made Cady a sassy and impudent heroine, one who never stops providing surprises. Brendan discovers he loves Cady enough to plan a future with her, but as his twin brother Eric says, only a fool plans a future without saying those three words.

These characters are well defined and real; as real as werewolves can be anyway. I loved the conflict and Cady’s unfailing optimism that things would work out. I cried with her, laughed with her and fell a little in love with these wolves. They aren’t perfect like so many stories make them, but who is?

I recommend this one for anyone who wants hot sex, romantic picnics at the lake, and a happy ever after with a few surprises thrown in.