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Friday, December 11, 2009

Rose of the Adriatic by K.M. Daughters

Rose of the Adriatic by K.M. Daughters
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Full (184 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Wounded and faithless, Dr. Matthew Robbins arrives in a small Croatian village determined to discredit the visionary who claims to see the Mother of God. Matt believes only proven facts, and he's sure Anna Babic is either lying or delusional. But, despite all his unpopular testing, he can’t disprove Anna’s visions--and what's worse, he finds himself falling for the beautiful visionary who speaks to the blessed Virgin Mary.

Anna has experienced skeptics in the past, and they've never left a lasting effect. But Matt is different. Despite his open disbelief and vehemence to discredit her, she finds herself hoping he'll change his mind.

Drawn together as if by a heavenly hand, can Anna choose a life as the wife to her unlikely match? Can Matt believe on faith alone that God loves him enough to heal him and free him to love Anna?

Three visionaries who talk to the Mother of God. One a priest, one a married woman and one a young single woman.

A young doctor who wants to disprove the “miracles” performed in the name of God, but who finds more than he bargained for.

Dr Matt Robbins boss Harry, has left the research lab he founded and moves to Valselo to help the visionaries who have cured his wife. Matt follows, determined to prove to Harry there is a reasonable explanation.

Despite his conviction there is no such thing as a miracle, Matt is unable to find a scientific reason for what happens in Valselo. Anna, the young woman who is the most prominent visionary seems quite ordinary but her trances when she talks to the Mother of God seem to be genuine.

Anna gives Matt permission to test her but he still can’t find fault with what she does. Neither Anna nor Matt can believe it when they begin to fall in love.

This book is definitely inspirational, but I didn’t feel as if I was being preached to. The religious aspect was just part of the story. I liked that Anna was a normal, cheerful young woman, who liked to jog, look after her roses but couldn’t cook to save herself.

Matt on the other hand was a strong, stern type who had allowed an unfortunate event in his childhood to turn him away from God and his parents. He resists all Anna’s attempts to bring him back into the fold, but can’t resist the temptation of Anna herself.

This is a lighthearted novel with a touch of sadness, a lot of love and the faith of God throughout the story. The last few chapters are at times quite poignant, and also unexpected. I would recommend this story not only to lovers of inspirational romances, but also to those who like contemporary romance. It’s well worth the read.