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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remnants of Fear by Sally Fogel

Remnants of Fear by Sally Fogel
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full (346 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Why did gorgeous Gabe Keller have to be a cop? Echo Boady, raised on a hippie commune, can’t get him out of her mind. But Gabe’s obsession with mysterious Warwick Manor, high on a hill on Salt Spring Island, has roped her into his investigation. ... It's one that will dig way too far into her past… a nightmare of drugs, savage dogs, and a devilish doctor. Fear has stalked Echo all her life…and now the man she yearns for might be part of the evil that wants to ensnare her soul.

Come on a disquieting trip that puts the senses on alert. Park your disbelief in the overnight parking lot and hop on the ferry to Salt Spring Island for an adventure that ranges from the satisfying hot sizzle of love to the hot, flesh-burning electricity that destroys.

An undefined tug brings Echo Boady home to Salt Spring Island and prompts her to take a job there and stay. She tells herself she’s an urban girl on her way up in a promising career, but the lure of the island where she grew up seduces her and forces her to deal with unimaginable paranormal events that reveal much about her past and imprint her future.

Gabe Keller, a Royal Canadian Mounted Patrol constable, is not a native of the island but comes there to work and is drawn into the Warwick Manor intrigue in an alarming but compelling way. He fears for his sanity at times and knows some force ties him to past events in the old manor where a reclusive doctor did experiments.

Echo, having grown up with hippies that distrust the law, tries to dislike Gabe but she is attracted to him. Even thought she fears him at times, she goes with him to Warwick Manor where they both are endangered. Yet, they feel compelled to return there again and again as if prodded by an unseen force. What they finally discover is hair-raising.

The secondary characters, so vital to the plot, are an amazing collection of personalities. Daddy Jack and Green preside over Pantisocrasy where Echo and many other strays and orphaned children found refuge and love. Georgia Densen, Echo’s aunt in name only and the consummate flirt, once lived at Pantisocrasy and still has close ties with its people. Dolores Mint, the publisher and editor of the local newspaper, once lived there and created quite a stir. Gabe says she is “crazy as a waltzing mouse”, but she gives Echo a job and so much more (some good, some bad). One very intriguing character at Pantisocrasy is Kilroy, a mystery not to be missed.

The supernatural happenings, the horrific events of the past, and the connectedness of all the characters combine to make REMNANTS OF FEAR a tantalizing tale that shows evil being defeated and those long entrapped by its darkness being set free.

Echo and Gabe’s happy-ever-after does not come without a price, but the future looks so promising.

Sally Fogel weaves a tale that grips the emotions and squeezes them to the limit at times.