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Monday, December 14, 2009

Myla by Moonlight by Inez Kelley

Myla by Moonlight by Inez Kelley
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Length: Full (189 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: Best Book
Review by: Lavender

Magic bites…

Created at Prince Taric’s birth, Myla is a spell, an enchantment designed to appear and protect him when he needs it most. She has always been content to do her duty…until one night of forbidden passion leaves her longing to experience life—and love—as a mortal woman. Yet the risk is too great. Even if her blood runs as red as his, she can never give him the one thing he needs: a child.

Taric’s blessing—and his curse—is knowing the kingdom’s future depends on his producing an heir to continue the bloodline. His bond with Myla has always been that of protector and protected. When it suddenly becomes something much more, he unwittingly sentences his people to certain death.

An old enemy is plotting to destroy all he holds dear: his lands, his people, his father, and his lover. And this time, even if they fight tooth and blade, their shared magic may not be enough to save them…

Warning: This book contains a shape-shifting bodyguard, sizzling sex scenes, supernatural lilac mist, swordfighting and heartbreaking sacrifices. No jaguars were harmed in the writing of this story.

Myla by Moonlight is one of the best books I’ve read in a quite some time. The author has brilliant talent. Not only was I drawn in completely by this magical story as it unfolded, but I was impressed with how beautifully it was composed. This author could teach a class on showing vs. telling with her flawlessy written sensual details.

A queen casts a spell shortly after she gives birth, summoning a protector for her newborn son. Myla will stay with the prince and look out for him, appearing whenever he is in danger. This protector can appear as a gorgeous woman or a sleek jaguar, and does both in fascinating episodes as the story develops.

Taric, the prince, is to die for, and when he falls in love with Myla, you are likely to cheer for him to get a woman he truly deserves. The two share some very passionate, well-described love scenes, and the beauty of their love will melt your heart.

They have enemies, and danger threatens Taric’s life and his kingdom, but that’s not the only thing. Taric must have an heir, or his kingdom will fall to a distant relative, his enemy who happens to be a butcher. But Myla can’t have children, she being a magic spell and all, and as Taric’s captain so humorously puts it to his prince, unless he can knock up a cloud, the kingdom is doomed. The funny moments in this book were something.

The pacing is excellent, and I found my heart aching for these two, then cheering, and back again. I have never read this author’s work before and am so glad I chanced upon it. I have nothing negative to say about this book and will eagerly look for more works penned by Inez Kelley.