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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love’s True Enchantment by Judith Leger

Love’s True Enchantment by Judith Leger
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy
Length: Full (264 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Larkspur

Illusionist Shay Evers needs to right the wrong he committed twenty-four years ago. He has two weeks to convince Caitlyn Reiley magic is real. If he fails, she will die from the curse placed upon her, and he’ll lose the only person he’s ever loved.

Magic is for fools, and Caitlyn Reiley is no fool. As a news reporter, she is chosen for the coveted task of interviewing Shay Evers at his home in Wales. When Shay haunts her dreams and sparks her passion, her beliefs are threatened and she battles her growing desire for Shay.

As the clock ticks, will the unlikely pair discover love’s true enchantment or will time run out?

Caitlyn Reiley cub reporter gets the assignment of a lifetime, one that could make or break her career. Chosen by the famous, elusive and gorgeous illusionist Shay Evers to be the only one he grants an interview with. But there’s more behind his amethyst stare then meets the eye. Is she ready for what awaits her? Are they ready to meet their destiny? Do you believe in magic?

Judith Leger’s Love’s True Enchantment gives her readers all the bells and whistles in this truly enchanting novel. Her story line/plot keeps you turning pages as you discover and uncover a magical mystical world. And even though tales of fairies, elves and the fey are boundless, Judith spins her fable with a unique twist. Her characters are unforgettable and memorable and will stay with you long after the story’s been told. Her hero Shay and heroine Caitlyn are vivid and while fantastical are very real. Her supporting characters are exceptionally well defined and add depth and meaning to the story. Her villain is wonderful and not revealed until the very end. And what an ending it is! Her dialogue flows nicely between the normal everyday speak of the humans to the flowery prose of the Sidhe. The love story is touching and heartwarming and at the same time heart wrenching. Her love scenes are sensual and spicy without being too racy.

So I ask you again. Do you believe in magic? Believers and non-believers alike will be true believers when this story comes to an end. Any lover of fantasy romance would find this read right up their fey alley. And for you non-lovers of fantasy, give this a try because it’s a great romantic read and it might just change your mind. Do you believe in magic?