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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kissing Trick by C.D. Yates

Kissing Trick by C.D. Yates
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (235 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Reggie Snow is the author of the popular YA Paddy Dimple series. Her childhood, best friend, Dr. Patrick "Trick" McCullough is a former playboy, current OBGYN. They've each got some image problems. She's unexpectedly pregnant, not a great thing for a woman who's primary audience consists of impressionable teens. And he's on the nurses' naughty list; always a problem for a randy man who's seen most of the single women in his small town naked without sleeping with any of them. Besides, Trick's starting to realize it might be time to settle down if he wants to increase his patient list to include the pregnant mamas waddling around town.

That can be fixed…

They decide to work together by playing married until Reggie's baby's born. She hopes that her pregnancy won't bag her latest book's sales or encourage young adults to have unwed pregnancies. He hopes a family-man image will destroy his bad-boy bachelor reputation so he can deliver babies and heal more women in his small town of Hadley Falls, Vermont.

As long as they don’t fall in love…or into bed. Easy to say, until she starts kissing Trick.

Kissing Trick is a delightful story about friendship, devotion, and trust. Author C.D. Yates has twined a tale about best-friends that are brought together by circumstance, but are drawn to one another by love.

Patrick, aka Trick, is a man that has the power to make you swoon and laugh at the same time. He’s comical, witty, and utterly charming. And it’s a good thing, because his counterpart, Reggie, is equally snarky and sarcastic. She’s always seen Patrick as a handsome man, but never as a potential lover. Once she does, sparks fly and pages sizzle. I enjoyed the playful banter between them, and snickered gleefully through a large portion of the story. Their adoration for one another is evident, and goes a long way in making the story not only believable, but memorable as well. It takes a special kind of man to marry a woman that he cares for that is carrying the child of another man, and Trick not only steps up to the plate, he hits a homerun straight out of the ballpark. He’s never noticed Reggie as a woman before, but once he does, he’s not willing to let her get away.

There are other elements throughout Kissing Trick that add to the richness of the plot and character development, namely Reggie’s abandonment issues and Trick’s history of being a player, and it ensures you’ll remain invested in the story from start to finish. Patrick isn’t the only one that shines. When Reggie moves past the taint childhood heartbreak, she’ll come into her own and embrace the happiness that Trick extends.

If you’re looking for a spicy story with equal portions of heart and humor, Kissing Trick is a book you’re bound to enjoy.