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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ForEvver by Susanne Marie Knight

ForEvver by Susanne Marie Knight
Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (160 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

In the year 2102, ambitious Jason Maverick is lead attorney for the richest man in the solar system, Reid Evver. Although Reid is only ten years older than Jason, he has everything Jason has ever desired. Except for now. Now Reid wants to acquire a wife. And not just any wife; Flavia Gracchus is a drab Moon native who doesn’t want to visit Earth almost as much as Jason doesn’t want to escort her around to see the sights. But Flavia is Jason’s new assignment. He has no choice but to follow Reid’s dictates and try to convince her that marriage to Reid would be a dream come true. The more Jason is in Flavia’s company, the more he is convinced that if she marries Reid, it would not be a dream but a nightmare. There’s something strange about Reid’s assistant, Victoria Talbot, and Rosealine Broussard, the old woman who insists she is Reid’s wife. Then there’s the peculiar abduction attempts on Flavia, plotted by Reid’s nemesis, Enrico ViDucchi. And there is Reid Evver himself. Is he really as young as he says? Amidst the exotic locales of Greater Paris, Maui, and New Tri-Metropolis, Jason discovers true love with his Moon Miss. Now he must convince her that his womanizing ways are over and that she is the only girl for him. He also must make sure time runs out for Reid Evver and his murderous schemes.

ForEvver – the title – says it all. Reid Evver is one of the wealthiest men on Earth and is also the founder of the Luna ForEvver Rejuvenation Facility at Tychotown on the Moon. Reid always seems to glow with health and youth which begs the question does ForEvver mean something else or is it just coincidence.

Reid decides it’s time he married and produced children. But not just any children, he wants the best possible genetic mating he can get. To this end he chooses Flavia Gracchus, a therapist at the Moon Facility. Flavia, completely ignorant of the real reason for her journey, acts as courier for Reid by taking a fragile package to him on Earth. She meets Jason Maverick, Reid’s corporate lawyer, who becomes her tour guide and bodyguard as she agrees to Reid’s request that she take a month to familiarize herself with Earth.

Flavia is an innocent who longs to go home to the Moon. She gradually becomes suspicious of why she is here on Earth. Jason, who knows the secret behind Flavia’s visit, is attracted to her. He knows it can go no further and tries to keep her safe for Reid Evver. Two attractive people thrown together by the orders of the boss — can they really keep their emotions under control?

ForEvver had a mixture of intrigue, adventure and romance. It was a very entertaining book and a pleasant read. The threads of the book intertwined perfectly and the only reason I didn’t give it top rating was because I felt part of the story hadn’t been resolved at the end. However, this didn’t spoil the story, just left the query of why was this mentioned???

I enjoyed reading this book and originally picked it because I was intrigued by the title. I immediately thought spelling mistake, but I was wrong. The title fit the book perfectly. A nice play on words. Well done Ms Knight, definitely a book to snuggle up with.