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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fixation by Mia Cherish & Jacqueline Quaid

Fixation by Mia Cherish & Jacqueline Quaid
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Full (176 pgs)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Malcolm Blackmon had nothing against vampires. He just wasn’t sure he wanted to be one. A crime scene gone bad and mortal injury forced the Australian transplant into a hasty decision, accepting a vampire friend’s adoption. His new family welcomed him with promises of a wonderful life free of his responsibilities as an undercover cop. Early retirement, no money worries and pretty donors catering to his appetites for blood and pleasure? Not bad. Hunting down New Orleans criminal low-life for blood and sport… He’d get used to it.

He’d manage all right if he could just get past Emily Kagan. Mistaken for his donor when Malcolm first rose, her lush dancer’s body filled his arms while her sweet kisses and sweeter blood flooded Malcolm’s senses. Since then, nothing has smelled, tasted or felt the same. His vampire family warns him his fixation is a danger—Emily’s taste has been amplified in his memories due to the stress of his first hunger when he rose. But it’s so much more to Malcolm. His spirit lingers with Emily during the day, flirting, seducing, protecting. Loving. Can Malcolm control his vampirism and keep nice with his family while the family patriarch researches more of Emily’s unique origins and the wonderful connection Malcolm is destined to share with the love he never found in life?

Fixation is a vampire tale with a different approach, outstanding characters, and a nicely unpredictable plot.

Accepted wisdom of vampire lore is never challenged, so you might think you can guess where this story is heading. However, anyone can sympathize with Malcolm’s initial plight and decision.

And he is, from the first, an oddly compassionate vampire. That later events will cause him to bring dismay even to his vampire mentors is not precisely his fault, although they do try to warn him. Malcolm is a divinely romantic character not merely because of his looks or appeal – but because he so firmly seems to believe in love. After all, his undeniable attraction to Emily has to be more than a mere accident… It’s more of who she is, and further, he believes that she would know him and feel the same way, if they should meet again. The authors manage to convey such a tender aura around this man. He values his friends, his mentoring vampires are caring and concerned, and they have codes for behavior, etc.

In sharp contrast, descriptions of vampires – and Malcolm in particular – are poignantly visualized, graphic and almost violent; utterly believable. This, couple with the involved friendship really introduces a level of the unexpected, throughout.

This is very well written and readable; fans of vampires won’t be disappointed, and if you haven’t been lured into the realm yet yourself, this might just be the book to start out with.