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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Family To Die For by AJ Brower

A Family To Die For by AJ Brower
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (344 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Larkspur

When high school chemistry teacher Mike Garretson learns one of his ancestral relatives was the victim of identity theft, long before it became the preferred crime of today’s white collar thieves, he suddenly finds himself having to prove it before he ends up as dead as his murdered grandmother.

Mike’s only hope of winning the family inheritance is to hire historian Dr. Jennie Foster. But as she begins to uncover nearly century-old family secrets, Mike fears the feisty and brainy Jennie may discover more than he wants her to know.

Jennie’s happy to climb around in her mysterious and aloof co-worker’s family tree. At least until she discovers Mike has a few secrets too. As the ancestral body count rises and a modern killer discovers what they’re looking for, will Jennie lay her life–and her heart–on the line for a man who refuses to let her into his?

What do you get when you mix a slightly nerdy high school history teacher who’s a part time genealogist with a “hot” high school chem teacher who’s also the school’s baseball coach who just happens to need his family researched and quick then add a little white scruffy dog who always seems to get into mischief? You get a whole lot of sparks flying, non-stop excitement and a huge mystery to solve.

AJ Brower gives us a wonderful read in A Family To Die For. Her story line is a real page turner and is full of complicated information critical to the plot which she expertly keeps her readers abreast of. Her characters are amazing in their sheer numbers and complexity and yet she’s intimately acquainted with each one which becomes quite apparent as she keeps her readers informed of the thickening plot. She makes all of her characters interesting but her hero Mike and heroine Jennie are unforgettable, they are very three dimensional and you will find yourself cheering them on, feeling their frustrations and most of all see the birth of their romance.

And speaking of romance, the love story is exceptional and as you become better acquainted with the couple you will share in their joy and feel their pain. The love scenes are passionate and yet wouldn’t offend any romance lover as she quietly shuts the door on the most intimate scenes and yet even the reader who likes a more descriptive scene doesn’t feel cheated. Her dialogue is descriptive and painstakingly exact which is crucial through the whole story, and yet as tedious as it is, it’s not too wordy and so full of minutiae that it leaves you confused or wanting to skip pages.

So if you love a great who-done-it mystery that involves a lot of family history that’s also a great romantic read with memorable characters told by a dynamic wordsmith, look no farther that this wonderful tale. I think Ms Brower has a definite hit on her hands.