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Monday, December 7, 2009

An Enchanted Season by Nalini Singh, Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, and Jean Johnson

An Enchanted Season by Nalini Singh, Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, Jean Johnson
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (330 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

From a shape-shifting leopardess who wants a pack-mate to be her soulmate, to a snowstorm that brings a surprise gift, these four tales will stir readers' spirits in all the right places.

Some books make you laugh, others make you cry. This one makes you do both and has a bit of spice for flavor. Which one? You’ll have to read An Enchanted Season to find out.

Many authors write seasonal work. It’s a great way to get an extra story or two out for the Christmas season and reward committed readers. This collection is more than just a thank-you. This group pulls you in from page one and hold you tight until the end.

In Melting Frosty, we meet opposites Matthew and Holly. I like a heroine who is the exact fit for a hero even when he’s not totally sure about it. She doesn’t just give in to him, she gives him a run for his money. I enjoyed cheering them on to make the relationship work. Plus, Maggie Shayne is such a great storyteller that you won’t want to put this book down!

In Charlotte’s Web, we meet Charlotte a witch who doesn’t want to be a witch. Sound strange? It’s not. Many people find it easier to deny their true self than to be what they should be. Ms. McCarthy writes spice well. You feel her characters passion as if it were your own. Plus, I love a story where both sides really want to be together, but that darned lack of communication keeps them apart.

The third story, Nalini Singh’s Beat of Temptation, we get the story of Tamysn and Nate. Now I must admit, I wasn’t familiar with Singh’s work before this novella, but I am hooked. I love a pair of lovers who want so badly to be together, but circumstances and poor communication drive them apart. This story is my favorite. Nate and Tam have so much passion between them that when it finally comes to pass, the ferocity is fabulous.

The final story, by Jean Johnson, Gift of the Magi, we meet young lovers, Steve and Rachel. This story shows that even love, when bombarded by life and bills, can get worn down—and who can’t relate to being worn down! But there is an inspirational, don’t give up vibe to this story that keeps you firmly in your chair. The passion sizzles and when the unexpected happens, you can’t help but smile and, yep, cry a little.

If you want a collection of stories guaranteed to stay with you long after the last page, then you need to read An Enchanted Season. You won’t regret it. I give this collection 4.5 books.