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Monday, December 14, 2009

Earthman’s Bride by Icy Snow Blackstone

Earthman’s Bride by Icy Snow Blackstone
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (173 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Rebeka’s orders are to marry, then betray--but love gets in the way.

For thirty years, Rebeka Spearman’s people have been at war with the invading Earthmen who took over her planet and took possession of its wealth. Now her father, Alcin, devises a plan to end the conflict. Under a flag of truth, he offers Rebeka in marriage to Philip Hamilcar, the current Terran leader.

Unknown to Philip, she and her android bodyguard have a hidden agenda: to kill him and destroy the invaders from within. What no one knows is that Darius, the android, has an empath chip within his artificial intelligence system, allowing him to feel emotions.

Now a love triangle is on the rise between three very different hearts. War, betrayal and passion collide--can they untangle their choices in time

The day the Earthmen arrived on Tusteya life changed for the people of that planet. The Tusteyans offered the hand of friendship; the Earthmen offered slavery but in the form of joining their Federation. Refuse and they took what they wanted by force. No planet had resisted before. The Captain of the spaceship Condor began destroying the resisting Tusteyan cities and the lone voice of Lieutenant Philip Hamilcar was raised in protest.

When most of the population was subdued, the Condor left. Philip Hamilcar, as thanks for his objection, became the Governor of the planet and his bitterness at being left behind changed him into a tyrant. When he died, his son, also named Philip, became Governor in his place.

Rebeka was the sole daughter of the leader of the free Tusteyans. Her father came up with a plan to marry her to the young Philip Hamilcar. Once she had gained his trust she was to kill him. Rebeka hated this plan, even more so when she found herself attracted to the young Governor.

Darius, an android, is programmed to protect Rebeka and accompanies her to the Earthmen’s city. She believes him to have no emotion, but is this really true?

Icy Snow Blackstone has skillfully written an intriguing story. She weaves the different cultures together in a delicate way so that, although neither grates on the other, the strangeness of one to the other is definite. I enjoyed this book and would be happy to read others by the same author.