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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Angel And The Lawman by Barbara W. Starmer

Angel And The Lawman by Barbara W. Starmer
Publisher: BookStrand
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (271 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Young Alexandra O'Shay travels from Ireland to America, venturing into the wild west. A chance encounter with a mysterious man in black casts doubt over her decision to come to America, but a train robbery brings them together in ways neither expected.

With a reputation for honesty and a fast gun, Marshal James Black takes on a new challenge and a new attitude toward women. Alexandra is not only beautiful, but a survivor, and that intrigues him more than he likes. Relationships have proven fatal in the past. Will this be any different?

To be his strength not his weakness is Alexandra’s deep desire as she works to build a life that she hopes and prays will be shared with Marshal James Black.

Alexandra O’Shay Wild gave up being a pretty little doll of a girl at age four and began the struggle to survive in Ireland where some would kill for a bag of potatoes. After immigrating to America with her mother, she works long and hard until her mother’s death and then until all the debts were paid.

Now, she’s on her way to find her father and to build a new life. Noticeably pretty, capable, and intelligent, she handles dangerous situations with aplomb. After her father’s death, she sets in to reestablish the hotel that he had owned. She puts down roots in the rip, roaring Oklahoma City.

Marshal James Black exudes power and animal lust. He appreciates a pretty woman and is not afraid to show it. However, he knows it is dangerous for one to be associated with him because she might be used by his enemies to get to him. After his meeting Alexandra on the train, he wishes things could be different because her indomitable spirit, her determination, and self-sufficiency along with her Irish beauty, temper, and humor touch a spot in his heart that has not been touched before.

He is in Oklahoma City to make it a safe place for honest, hardworking people to live. It is a task that will not be easy. Deadly with his guns and lethal with dynamite, he plies his trade with nerves of steel, knowing the life expectancy of a “clean” lawman is short.

The primary antagonist, along with his powerful connections, challenges the marshal and Alexandra with dangers that reach all the way from Boston and San Francisco to Oklahoma City.

Barbara Starmer weaves a fascinating plot full of suspense, mystery, and treachery that grabs the reader’s attention. Among the life-threatening happenings, she weaves in a love that blooms like a rose among the thorns. Her strong heroine and her hero that makes the heart throb make ANGEL AND THE LAWMAN not only a thrilling suspense story but also a redemptive love story that satisfies the heart.