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Monday, November 16, 2009

Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full (358 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Hibiscus

The underwater kingdom is his as soon as he claims his queen…Rod Tritone has the looks and charm to snag any queen he wants for his Mer kingdom, but unfortunately, it's not up to him. As fate would have it, the one woman destined to rule with him is terrified of water…

She lives in land-locked Kansas and has no idea she's a princess…Valerie Dumere thinks Rod is gorgeous and irresistible—but why does he keep insisting she has another side to herself that only he can show her?

Somehow, Rod has to prove to her who she really is. But when she finds out the truth, will she ever forgive him?

Rod Tritone, heir to the throne of the undersea world, needs a queen capable of ruling the oldest kingdom on earth. Someone regal, learned and of noble birth. Problem is, the only eligible noble-born Mer princess is half-Human - and she doesn't have a clue about the non-Human part.

Valerie Dumere has screwed up her life at every turn, so when her mother dies and leaves her the family business, Val realizes it's up to her to buckle down and get her life on track. No more excuses.

So when a guy shows up claiming to be her destiny, she scoffs. No way. She isn't running away from her responsibilities ever again - no matter how good the guy looks without a shirt.

But Rod isn't going away. He can't claim his inheritance without her - and Val will lose hers if she goes with him.

It's going to take one whale of a tale to get her to chuck it all and follow him off into the wild blue under...

Think of The Little Mermaid on land, then mix in a good portion of Enchanted. That is what I found in Wild Blue Under. Ms. Fenell’s second book in this delightful series is a cute story of a merman and a hybrid human mermaid mix. The twist comes when the hybrid doesn’t realize what she is.

Valerie Dumere is the heroine of the story who is allergic to the ocean. She returns to Kansas to run Therese’s Treasure Trove, her deceased mother’s store that sells ocean tchotchkes. Valerie learns that she has an inheritance from her dead father who she never knew, has a run-in with the tax man and meets Rod Tritone. Valerie gets into Lucy-like situations, is always admiring Rod’s better assets and doesn’t seemed at all phased by talking birds or sea creatures.

Rod Tritone is the soon to be High Councilman of the Oceanic Council who undertakes a special mission to locate the missing landed Mer and fulfill The Prophecy and save the world from being lost. This is a noble undertaking that Rod believes will not take long. Little does he know that he has to contend with not only Valerie but a plethora of avian foes that are determined to undermine his mission.

I enjoyed reading about all the minor characters. I was able to visualize each and everyone as their well defined traits along with their quirky mannerisms which made them unique from any other character in the story. I was glad to be reacquainted with Livingston and enjoyed meeting Maybelle and Adele, who helped Valerie and Rod in their journey. I loved the Hitchcock-esc story lines on Valerie and Rod’s trip. Did anyone else envision the movie The Birds?

If you can overlook Valerie’s easy acceptance of everything that occurs to her, especially toward the later part of the story, I hope you’ll find Wild Blue Under to be as much as an enjoyable journey to the ocean as I did. This is truly a starfish in the sea of writings. I can’t wait to see what is next in this whimsical series.