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Monday, November 30, 2009

Turtle Soup by Danielle Thorne

Turtle Soup by Danielle Thorne
Publisher: Awe-struck Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Full (159 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Sea turtles may be endangered but after an encounter with marine biologist, Jack Brandon, nothing will stop Sara Hart from naming her deli Turtle Soup.

When Jack takes a job at the nearby Georgia Aquarium, Sara finds the environmental poster boy at her door, hungry and carrying a chip on his shoulder.

Neither thinks the other has what it takes, until a scuba class reveals what lies beneath the surface. It will take food, friends, and a little help from Mother Nature, to help them see that making a difference isn’t all numbers and glory.

It must begin with love.

Jack Brandon, who might be just a tad rough around the edges, proves the value of his heart straightaway when author Danielle Thorne reveals his career choice: devoted to endangered sea turtles. Sadly, our heroine, the Entrepreneurial Sara doesn’t experience any of Jack’s finer points when she bumps into him… and in fact, still smarting from the altercation, she names her brand-new deli ‘Turtle Soup.’

Readers don’t need to guess about these two personalities; both are stubborn, hard-headed and used to a leadership role, both in life and in their jobs. And, both are actively outdoorsy, which brings us some lovely, and beautifully described diving adventures. After their initial clashes, we begin to see some possibilities for the relationship. After all, a man has to eat, and Sara can surely cook. Yet, things have a way of twisting around (and poor Sara ends up twisting around, when she starts to worry that her own enjoyment of eating has lead to a larger than required derrière…) So, although there are some places where readers will think they can predict where this is all heading, Thorne keeps you guessing. Sara can be a lot more direct than we initially suspect too! Love a confrontational heroine!

I like how some of the supporting cast are really their own people as well. I absolutely shared Sara’s frustration with the niece and helper, bubble-brained Carly, and as for the deliberately obnoxious Jessica, I’d still like to shove her up-turned nose into the cheesecake. Ms. Thorne can really create an incredibly believable and beyond aggravating character.

Witty, original and unexpected, this is a delightful read. This author's style is both clear and readable.

Finally, this has just the most appealing cover: kudos to the cover designer.