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Monday, November 9, 2009

Travis Pass Trilogy Megabook by Annette Snyder

Travis Pass Trilogy Megabook by Annette Snyder
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (578 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The first three books in the Historic Romance Travis Pass Series, from author Annette Snyder, including:

SALLY MURPHY: Leaving her beloved, adopted home to begin life anew, Sally Murphy-George searches for refuge from depression, rejection, and her husband’s murderer. A proficient bakery owner and mother of two, Sally vows to find stability in her life, protect her family, and shield her heart at all costs.

Self-exiled, Nate Horner finds peace in his new life as Sheriff of Barnhill, defending those who overlook his shadowed past and accept him as the reliable, honest man he’s become. Promising never to allow another woman to hurt his soul, Nate resigns himself to a life of celibacy, until he reunites with someone from his hometown, the Widow George. As a man, he struggles with his desires for her. As a professional, he must protect her.

Circumstance pushes Sally and Nate’s paths together and they must decide to risk their hearts and their security to take another chance at love.

LIBERTY ROAD: Ida Keller’s life is a series of turbulent events. Ever since she remembered, she’s been running. She runs from heartbreak and fear. She runs from a troubled past. She runs from mistakes and broken promises until wandering into the quiet town of Barnhill and finding tranquility under the direction of Christopher Trapp.

Christopher Trapp, saloon and brothel owner, isn’t one to mix business with pleasure. He protects his girls at all costs, even the at the cost of his heart. Resolved to a solitary life, he never deviates, or even wants to, until he crosses paths with the enchanting Ida.

When a vile criminal from Ida’s life arrives and threatens her safety, Chris fights his internal desire for her, yet fights to protect her with every desire he possesses.

Together, they decide if love can conquer the evils of their pasts and allow comfort in each other’s arms.

TRAVIS PASS: Two families, the Eversbys, granted every convenience, and the Kubats, determination their only asset, adventure westward toward freedom.
Two families embrace the same goal, the Oklahoma Free Land Race, and fall under hostile circumstances.

Travis Pass, sole heir to the Eversby fortune, returns to Boston when his fraternal grandfather reclaims him.

Travis never forgets the Kubats devotion, or the love he holds for their daughter. Can his heart permit Aggie to marry another?

After Grandfather steals Travis away, Aggie’s hope of love is crushed. With the support of her parents, she vows to move on. Certainly, people hold more than one extraordinary love in a lifetime.

Can two parents forsake their dream for the sake of a baby?

Can two families set aside their differences for the sake of a child?

Can two people from different worlds break the barriers of culture and distance for the sake of love?

Hardworking characters, willing to endure the hardships of frontier living to make a new life and home for themselves, inhabit the pages of these three novels. The characters in all three novels have important connections with each other. This trilogy is about Nebraska and Oklahoma as settlers come, stay, work the land, help their neighbors, and build a better life in a wide-open land of freedom. TRAVIS PASS TRILOGY MEGABOOK has many intriguing secondary characters as well as memorable primary characters.

SALLY MURPHY takes the reader on a journey with Sally. Taken from the freezing winter streets of New York, then put on an orphan train, eleven-year-old Sally, a true survivor, rides all the way to General, Nebraska before she is adopted by Reverend Murphy and his wife. There she flourishes.

When emotional hardships come her way, her survivor skills come to the fore. Crushed when her first true love rejects her, she builds a good life with Alex and their two little boys. After a cruel, despicable killer destroys Sally’s good life, it takes a long time for her survival skills to ‘kick in’ even with the help of the whole community. Finally, she picks up the pieces of her shattered heart and life, packs up her few belongings, puts her two little boys in the wagon, and moves to the neighboring town of Barnhill. There she starts a new life.

When Nate Horner, her first love, comes back into her life, their story is filled with humor, misgivings, and with a love that struggles to mature amid gossip, old hurts, and the return of the cruel, despicable drunkard that killed Alex.

LIBERTY ROAD, the second novel, starts in Nebraska, goes to Boston, then back to Nebraska. The entwining of characters makes LIBERTY ROAD a perfect companion for SALLY MURPHY.

Ida Keller works in Chris Trapp’s saloon in Barnhill. Nate Horner, the sheriff,puts Oran Krunson in jail after he almost kills Ida.

The story within the story is about Susanne Keller, Ida’s mother. It tells how Ida came to be born in a brothel run by Mrs. Jennings in Boston. In this sub-story, Annette Snyder reveals a segment of society that is willing to stoop to the lowest of low tactics to gain wealth, power, and prestige as she show the relationship Susanne has with Paul Logan and Trudy Maples after Susanne’s husband, Dr. Keller, dies.

Orphaned and reared in the brothel, Ida’s virginity is cruelly taken by Herbert Eversby, Mrs. Jennings’ silent partner. Later she is brutalized by Oran Krunson. When he falls into a drunken stupor, Ida takes $25, his gun, and runs. After almost four years, she ends up in Barnhill, Nebraska, where Sally lives. Like Sally, Ida is a survivor.

Chris Trapp hires Belle Hopkins as a Madame to watch over his “girls” after Oran Krunson gets out of jail. Fatally shot, Belle tells Sheriff Nate Horner about her little girl and makes him promise to take her to her father in General, Nebraska. A new dimension of the characters’ connections becomes known with Belle’s death. It also makes Nate Horner deal with issues he has long refused to face.

When Chris gets passed his reluctance to tell Ida how he feels about her, and she realizes he does not want sex as payment for all he has done for her, their relationship moves to a different level that is new to both of them. His gentle words and ways heal her spirit and make her feel safe and loved.

TRAVIS PASS, the third novel of the trilogy, reveals how and why many of the characters in SALLY MURPHY and LIBERTY ROAD came to be in Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Jacob, the son of Herbert Eversby, and his “commoner” wife Emily go against his wealthy father’s wishes and plan to go to the Oklahoma Land Race to make their life on the frontier. Theirs is a tragic end—one that happened far too often along the trails West. However, they leave a baby that affects the lives of many as time passes.

Joseph and Frances’ journey from Czechoslovakia to Nebraska is enthralling. Pregnant, seventeen-year-old Frances has a joy for life and a determination to make a life in this land of freedom with her husband Joseph whom she loves dearly. Their belief that God puts them where they should be is the mainstay in their lives.

Travis, the Eversby’s baby, is nurtured by Joseph and Frances. Not until he is ten years old does his grandfather come to take him to Boston. He and Aggie, Joseph and Frances’ daughter, grew up together and love each other in a special way. His leaving breaks their hearts. However, Nate Horner, their schoolmate and neighbor is happy to see him go because Nate loves Aggie also.

In Boston, Travis enjoys all that being wealthy has to offer. His initiation into manhood is in Mrs. Jennings brothel with Belle Hopkins. When he reads a western newspaper with the announcement of Aggie and Nate’s upcoming marriage, he realizes what he has lost and goes to see if Aggie is happy. His arrival brings on an upheaval that rocks the whole community.

The novels stumble at times with misused words and object pronouns. Also, some details needed more research (ex. a rider does not spur his horse on the rump). However, the connection and development of characters, the depiction of a unique time in American history, and, most of all, the beautiful revelations of love that endures all things make this trilogy GOOD reading.