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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Hearts by Sue Perkins

Three Hearts by Sue Perkins
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (88 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Lavender

Travis Denton's arrival in New Zealand throws Darcy Farrell's life into turmoil. She's never met the man, so why does he dislike her so much?

Travis states he is the father of her eight year old niece Brooke. He initially tries to prove Darcy is an unsuitable guardian. His failure makes him more determined to get custody of the child and take her to America. Darcy is worried Travis might disappear overseas with the child. She makes a difficult decision. She must do what's best for Brooke.

Her choice brings her into close contact with Travis, which creates a problem when she becomes attracted to him!

Three Hearts is a delightful story and aptly named due to the main characters. The title fits perfectly. The hunky American Travis Denton finds out after eight years that he has a young daughter, Brooke, and he goes from California to New Zealand to meet her for the first time. He doesn’t expect to fall for her aunt Darcy who has taken care of Brooke since she was born, when her mother died.

Three Hearts is filled with tender emotion and realistic reactions to a tense situation. Darcy loves her niece so much and doesn’t want to lose her. The discovery that her sister’s child has a known father, coming to claim her and take her from Darcy forever is heartbreaking to her. She resents Travis’s entry into their lives. Travis is a good man though, with the best of intentions. He’s quite charming as is his spunky little daughter.

This well-written tale will touch you and keep you engaged as these three characters interact in an entertaining unfolding of events. There’s even a jerk in the story that you’ll truly dislike, adding an extra little bit to the adventure.

There was one aspect I found slightly annoying. As likeable as Darcy is, she kept giving Travis a hard time, even when he made the effort to do right by her. She’s a good character, but I wish she would have been a little nicer to Travis all along the way. However, this was a great little story, obviously written by an experienced writer. I’d recommend it.