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Friday, November 27, 2009

Target by Judith Rochelle

Target: The Protectors Series, Book 1 by Judith Rochelle
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (330 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

They're trying to kill her, and she doesn’t know why. Kathryn Holt knows only that she has to get far away as fast as she can. In a frantic, cross-country odyssey, she transforms herself from pliable Kathryn to feisty, determined Kate Miller, staying one step ahead of the killers on her trail. Then Fate delivers her into the hands of Quinn, a dark knight with a tortured past, who sees protecting her as his chance for redemption. But can he expose the killers in time to save her? And will the explosive chemistry between them be their downfall or their salvation?

Exhausted and scared spitless, Kathryn Holt (aka Kate Griffin) stands by the dead clunker that made it from California to this unknown stretch of dark highway somewhere in Texas. Too long without sleep and adrenaline depleted, she knows it is only a matter of time before Peter and his associates find and kill her. She doesn’t know why but she does know that she has a flash drive they want that might buy her a little time.

Quinn, a recluse loaded with guilt about the death of his wife and child, cannot stand NOT to help her. Maybe if he helps, he can find enough peace to sleep at night. In his bones, he feels that his life will change and maybe not for the better, but he helps anyway.

Her fears and his reluctance to get involved make them an uneasy pair but an incendiary chemistry flames up as they size up each other. Once Kate feels safe, at less for a time, she has a meltdown. Knowing she needs human contact, he holds her close and lets her cry until the emotional hurricane inside her runs its course. Neither of them can resist after the emotional storm passes. They make love. Quinn, after four years of feeling dead, comes alive. They both keep their own secrets, but they work together to save each other in a special way.

The secondary characters keep the plot at fever pitch and press Kate and Quinn into action that places them both in imminent danger. With a powerful drug cartel and corrupt lawmen hell bent on doing away with them, Kate and Quinn must use all their wits and connections to stay alive.

TARGET is full of danger and love. How the danger is dealt with makes a thriller of a story. However, the love that flares to life makes this a sizzling love story and a celebration of life. With hair-raising danger and breathtaking love scenes. Judith Rochelle entertains with action that zips along at full throttle.