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Monday, November 23, 2009

Seasons - A Tabor Heights Anthology: Cops And Bobbers by Michelle Levigne

Seasons - A Tabor Heights Anthology: Cops And Bobbers by Michelle Levigne
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Inspirational
Length: Short (35 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Four couples take a chance on love – a cop and a rec director, surrounded by a swimming pool of special needs kids; a corporate troubleshooter and one of his prime suspects, trying to unravel threats and lies before a business is ruined and someone gets hurt; a radio personality versus his alter ego, and the girl who might love them both; and the office good girl, ready to cave under nasty office politics, rescued by the new guy at work, who comes to her door because of a nasty trick played on them both. From summer to fall to the holidays, love blooms in Tabor Heights.

This is the first story in this anthology. Depending on your perspective, cops are the good guys. To most they are remote being who are there in your time of need. Not people you think of as someone like yourself, with needs, and dreams, disillusionments and distrust. Well of course they experience disillusionment, but that’s on the job, right?

Mike Nicols’ had plenty of feelings and none of them centred on the bad guys right now. All his attention right now focussed on Trina Delveccio. And when his married partner started taking an interest in her Mike wanted to deck him.

Trina Delveccio enjoyed wearing plenty of bling. But unlike most women who wore it for show, show wore it like armour. Armour that protected secrets. Only one man tempted her enough to want to share them, but he didn’t seem interested.

Michelle L. Levigne digs deep into the psyche of her two main characters and presents two people her readers will recognise and connect with. Her secondary characters have wooden spoons aplenty, and eagerly use them to stir the plot.

This is a charming ‘feel-good’ story that presents real people and their goals and ambitions to find love and trust in the partner they want to spend the rest of their lives with.