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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Through The Mist by Rebecca J. Vickery

Looking Through The Mist by Rebecca J. Vickery
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (273 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Queen Anne’s Lace

Psychic Jessica Wilder was a consultant for the FBI until she suffered burnout. The visions leave her alone for several months and she starts to make a peaceful life for herself. Then suddenly, they come back with a vengeance—visions of children being kidnapped. How could she not try to save the children?

Detective Jonathon Lansing doesn't believe in psychics, but the young woman in front of him is very convincing. Can she truly help him track down a kidnapper? Or is she involved in the crime?

Another child is taken right from under their noses. As they follow her turbulent visions through several states and into Canada, Jessie and Johnny begin to discover they want more than a working relationship. But will it distract them from finding the children in time?

Combining in a large mixing bowl ingredients that include: startling visions, a gutsy heroine, a determined cop, an unexpected passion, a diabolical killer complete with lives on the line and time running out, Looking Through The Mist bakes a perfect recipe for success. A storyline reminiscent of CBS’s Ghost Whisperer or Medium, which are both A++ shows, Ms. Vickery satisfies the reader with heart-stopping action and vivid visions that pull the reader into the story from the first page.

Upon reading the blurb, I jumped at the opportunity to read this novel. A heroine, Jessica, with psychic visions, and the hero, Johnny, who as a cop doesn’t believe in receiving visions, but is determined to trust Jessica if by doing so he can save lives. Who doesn’t love a hero with those kinds of morals and strength of character?

So enters our heroine. The witty and psychic Jessica Wilder. After working as a consultant for the FBI, she suffers a burnout and decides to start over in a new city. But just as she believes that she may get a fresh start, the visions catch her. And if that isn’t enough, the victim is an abducted child. No witnesses, no leads, no hope except Jessica’s vision. And informing the cops by phone is not acceptable for the detective in charge so Jessica must risk all to help the investigation.

The tall and handsome Detective Jonathan Lansing doesn’t know what to make of the story his attractive informant is telling him. Visions? Yeah, right. But with nothing else to go on he realizes even following a vision is better than following nothing at all.

Now that we have a great plot line and conflict in the mix, the story needs atmosphere. The vivid images Jessica sees in her visions add mood and suspense, giving Looking Through The Mist an original mystery book feel, reminiscent of Rita Herron or Lisa Gardner.

Looking Through The Mist stirs a satisfying story, whipped with heart-pounding suspense, hot love, and finally serves a satisfying conclusion. Don’t miss out on this great treat! Wonderful job, Ms. Vickery!