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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last Chance For Love by Sandi Hampton

Last Chance For Love by Sandi Hampton
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (206 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Leah McKenzie wasn’t about to run away again. Over the last few years, she had run and run. But no more. And when notorious gunfighter Wade Forbes agreed to help get her herd to market, she was sure she could save her ranch. But who would save her from her dangerous attraction to the handsome gunfighter?

When Wade Forbes agreed to help Leah and her father, he decided he’d do his good deed, then move on. But he’d not reckoned on falling for the lovely Leah. Knowing he wasn’t right for the young woman, Wade knew he had to leave. But could he ride away and miss his last chance for love?

Last Chance for Love is an absolutely beautiful story that everyone should read. Put aside any concerns about the western genre or the sweet heat level. This is, without question, a story that provides what every great romance should–two incredibly memorable protagonists, a lush and vivid backdrop, and so much emotion you’ll drown in wave after wave of sensual bliss.

McKenzie is a heroine you’ll absolutely adore. She’s young and impulsive, but that makes her all the more endearing. Years of heartache have hardened her, but not so much that she doesn’t believe in love. Her openness with Wade is refreshing, and will remind readers of those volatile feelings that surface upon falling in love for the first time. She’s not one to shirk or pout. She’s a woman that will go after what she wants with both hands extended.

By contrast, the notorious gunfighter Wade Forbes knows he’s a dead man walking. There is no family or love in his future. As long as his reputation precedes him, he will place all of those he cares for in danger. He longs for the sassy woman with eyes the color of precious emeralds, but loving Leah McKenzie is something that can only happen in his dreams and fantasies. While you long to hear him promise to stay and give her all she desires, you understand why it is he cannot, and you’ll ache for him just as much as you do for McKenzie.

The mystery surrounding the cattle theft at McKenzie’s ranch is well plotted, and although you might figure things out before the big reveal, there are so many twists and turns along the way you’ll never be able to see everything coming. Sandi Hampton has done an amazing job combining romance with suspense, and you’ll enjoy every single page along the journey. I came late into her work, reading her second story, Samantha’s Sacrifice, just recently. But after adoring this one as well, I know she’ll have a permanent place on my must read calendar.

Be sure to put Last Chance for Love on your TBR list. This is one romance you don’t want to miss.