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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Knight of Passion by Ingela F. Hyatt

A Knight of Passion by Ingela F. Hyatt
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (207 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Bittersweet

He is a desperate prisoner escaped from the dungeons and she is his beautiful and daring captive.

It was only three months ago when I, Lord Reynard Devin de Fauconer, learned of my father’s death, making me Baron Rothwell. When I returned to the family castle after a five year absence, I certainly did not expect to find my cousin, Sir Garron, sitting in my stead, having stolen my identity. Then to imprison me in the darkest hole of my own dungeon, accused of the most vile treachery. And yet I cannot blame him for his perfidy, for truly it was I who killed Maggie of Maidwell – his woman. I fear my actions, my desires brought about her death. After this tragic incident I vowed never to touch another woman – gentle or baseborn.

However all is not lost – with the aid of a loyal servant I escaped the dungeon. I must tell you that during my flight I stumbled upon the most exquisite creature. Even half dead as I was, I could not resist the desire to kiss those lush lips. But what happened next was most unexpected – the lovely girl took it upon herself to sneak me from the castle, away from Garron’s grasp. It was then I realized the spirited beauty was none other than Lady Rianna de Termonde, my own betroth, come to marry the imposter Baron Rothwell! The thought of him touching her, kissing her, makes my blood boil. And so I have done the unthinkable – I have kidnapped her.

We’ve been racing across England for several weeks now, eluding Sir Garron’s men and battling brigands intent upon killing me and stealing her. But I wonder if I am deluding myself. Rianna believes me to be Baron Rothwell’s cousin, and I have not dissuaded her from this belief, using it as a shield to protect her. But I tell you honestly, I do not know how much longer I can resist the passions brewing between us. There is something about her which touches me in a way I have never felt before. Should I reveal my true identity to her? Confess my darkest secret? Or will my love bring about the death of yet another woman? I seek your wise counsel in this matter.

Desperately Yours,
(the true) Baron Rothwell

Take some bravery, courtesy, gallantry, valor, dexterity in arms, then add romance, and you come up with “A Knight of Passion”, a tale of true chivalry.

Filling the pages with questions that demand answering: why did he take the young woman? Did he really kill Maggie? Why did she rescue him?, Ms. Hyatt easily hooked me from page one.

Creating fantastic descriptions, like for example the one on page fifteen that also made me want to see what hid under that river, Ms. Hyatt only fails in one thing: repetition. Expressions like “honeyed hollow”, “it would burst through his braes”, “his need” or “through his veins”, are repeated over and over in the story, even when the point has been made across.

Also, the passing of time seems a bit awkward, but it can be easily overlooked since it doesn’t really interfere with the story.

Great characters, true to the times, (Rianna can seem a bit too maiden in distress, but it is as it should be in a tale of these characteristics), “A Knight of Passion”, is a sweet, romantic and sizzling story of medieval times.

The only interrogation I had left after a quick and enthralling read was: Ms. Hyatt, will we be hearing Garron’s story any time soon?