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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The King's Demon by Louise Cooper

The King's Demon by Louise Cooper
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Length: Full (229 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Heather

A young woman regains consciousness to find herself alone on a moorland road at dead of night, with no memory but for two facts. One: her name is Sefira. And two: she has committed murder.

She is rescued by Grendon, a high official at the royal court, who recognizes the horror locked away in her damaged mind and offers her protection. But Grendon, too, has secrets, and an agenda of his own. He means to use Sefira as bait in a deadly game. For the supernatural power that lurks within her could topple a kingdom—if it can be controlled.

And that is the greatest gamble of all...

What’s a knight to do when the damsel-in-distress he rescues is an escaped murderess with a terrible secret? Sefira shares her body with a succubus, a demon, and has no knowledge after the fact of what she does under its influence. Grendon is sworn to uphold the king’s justice, but he’s not convinced executing Sefira is justice. There’s a part of her that screams “innocent” and arouses all his protective instincts.

Sefira fights to get her memory back. A part of her fights the demon’s control. But is she strong enough to break free and live her own life?

This is adventure of the highest order. Political intrigue and personal agendas abound. Whom to trust? Louise Cooper has drawn a world as real and recognizable as our own, peopled with fully developed characters with all the strengths and weaknesses of their readers. The world-building and descriptions are first-rate. Sefira breaks your heart, and the terrible choices Grendon faces make this book hard to put down. It’s very dark in parts, but I loved the characters in this story and really wanted a HEA. It was a great good-over-evil romp. The story satisfied completely. The author left herself wide open to create other tales in this wonderful world, which I definitely hope will be forthcoming. I’ll be watching!