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Friday, November 20, 2009

Keeper of My Heart by Therese M. Travis

Keeper of My Heart by Therese M. Travis
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Recent Historical, Inspirational
Length: Short (77 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

A bitter heiress refuses to trust man or God...until a faithful veterinarian challenges her beliefs. Determined to keep her heart safe from betrayal, Rebecca denies both God and the man who calls to her, certain his love can never be true enough to bring her back to her faith and a future with him. Adam is equally entranced, but Rebecca's denial of faith proves a deterrent to pursuing a relationship with her. But now that Rebecca has taken a job in Adam's animal clinic, an attraction that neither one believes can work begins to grow.

With Ms. Travis’ inviting prose and interesting description, it didn’t take much to get me into this story.

I found the writing style refreshing. The author describes the scene so well you can see, feel and hear every part. However, the 1930’s setting didn’t come across very distinctly though the author brings up the Depression and some of the effects. The character’s dialogue and internal monologue seemed too contemporary.

Rebecca Gresham is the townie and Adam McCormack the newbie (and veterinarian) to the small community of Haven Falls, VA. Though this is less than a full length novel, the story progresses naturally. I enjoyed seeing how Rebecca agrees to help out in Adam’s new clinic and eventually opens her heart to the sweet doctor. It’s inspiring to read an Inspirational romance with a hero strong in his faith and how he assists the heroine on her path to finding God—or in this case making up with Him.

It’s a short sweet romance, something akin to Grace Livingston Hill who wrote at the time this story takes place. Enjoyable and lovely. Keeper of My Heart is a ‘keeper’ indeed.