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Friday, November 13, 2009

Jaguar Nights by Mary Alice Pritchard

Jaguar Nights by Mary Alice Pritchard
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (319 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fern

Can the calming energy of a human empath prevent a dangerous, untamed weir leader from destroying his pard? Will Cole be the answer to Syndee’s longing for acceptance and a home, or will he be her destruction?

When empath Syndee Rawlings blows a tire late one night, she thinks it’s a simple case of rotten luck. Leaving her car behind, she comes upon two teenagers being accosted by what appears to be furry monstrosities of some kind. Acting on instinct, she rushes to their aid, only to find herself attacked and left seriously injured. After losing consciousness, she wakes in a strange place, with a strange man, and a pard of weir cat shifters.

As an alpha cat, Cole knows it’s probably best to kill the woman that assisted his pard, especially as there is a very real probability she will become a wolf weir. There is no guarantee that she will survive the change, much less welcome it. But the jaguar under his skin has a different opinion on the matter, informing Cole he has found his mate. He heals her in the only way an alpha can – by sharing blood, power, and saliva. Now, it’s a matter of waiting. Will the woman that will make him complete become his most detested enemy? Or will she embrace the cat that will soothe his soul?

Jaguar Nights is a shifter tale that hits the page running. Syndee blows a tire and is thrown into the action immediately. There is no warm up or introduction. Human will meet shifter, and really, is there any better way for a heroine to grasp the reality of the “unreal” situation? Shortly after the fray, she meets Cole, and from then on in, it’s hot, hot, hot. The attraction and chemistry between Syndee and Cole is absolutely sizzling, and I loved the build up that occurs prior to their mating. You know it’s coming, and the tease just before makes the wait worthwhile. I also enjoyed the underlying tension in regard to animal Syndee would take when she shifts. A part of me wanted wolf for conflict, but the other wanted the cat to see just how scorching things would be between them with a common animal to share. I will remain spoiler free aside from saying the big reveal is everything I hoped it would be –and more.

The very slight problem I had while reading the story was something that drew me out of the pages and caused me to think versus experience. Syndee is placed in dangerous situations time and again, and in more than one of them, she is gravely wounded. As she is human and not yet weir, and with the severity of her injuries, I couldn’t comprehend how she continued to survive time after time. She had some of Cole’s blood to assist in her healing speed, but not nearly enough for some of the damage she takes. I can’t really delve too deeply into this, as it would ruin portions of the story, but it’s an issue I had when I finished up and reflected on the material. It’s not a bad thing that she lived, because that would defeat the purpose of the romance. It was just something I began to note of with each miraculous recovery.

Aside from that, the story is wonderful. The sex is hot, the characters are intense, and the premise and the plot involving rogue shifters will keep you on your toes. If you’re a cat fan, you’ll adore Cole and his best friend, Zack. In fact, I’m hoping there will be more Zack for us in the future. He manages to steal a majority of the scenes he’s in, which is incredibly impressive when you’ve got a hot alpha jaguar like Cole steaming up the page.

Be sure to put Jaguar Nights on your TBR list.