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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hotel Spectre by Viola Grace

Hotel Spectre by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (58 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Growing up as an animal talker had been hard enough, but when Sophie goes to the HalfBlood ball at Hotel Spectre, she finds out that she had been wrong all along. Her magic isn't what she thought it was and her assigned mentor, Raffin, helps her sort it out. Becoming a Love Talker was never on her aptitude tests in school, but with Raffin coaching her, it comes naturally. Romancing an elf is not on her agenda, but as it starts to happen, Sophie must decide if the magic is worth the risk. Or is the thought of losing Raffin so all consuming that it will become the reality?

Sophie Jeffers responds to an invitation she received in the mail. It is a gathering of mixed blood beings, and since Sophie is half human and half elf, she wants to learn about her heritage.

At Hotel Spectre, she is surrounded by all sorts of strange creatures, all of mixed blood. She believes her talent has to do with speaking to animals, and it is only when she meets her mentor, Raffinialus Delnarian of the Solar Clan that she learns what she truly is. Raffin explains to her that she is a Ganconer, or Love Talker, the first female one ever to be born.

When Raffin helps her with her talent, they develop a bond very quickly. Before they can become too close, though, the Pures attack. These are purebred magical beings, intent on eradicating all half-blood magicals and keeping bloodlines pure. Can Sophie and Raffin survive the attack from the Pures? Will they have a chance to be together, or will Sophie end up alone again?

Viola Grace has the most delicious sense of romance. Sophie is such a wonderful character, sassy but sweet, and her sense of justice comes out when the attack on the half-bloods occurs. I love these characters, whether they are elves, trolls, fairies or goblins.

Ms. Grace has a way with words that brings laughter and fun to whatever she writes. Sophie accepts all these strange creatures as though they are just normal people. To her, they probably are. The attraction between Sophie and Raffin is handled with tender warmth, even if it is almost instantaneous. When Sophie believes all is lost, she still manages to go one with life, making the happy ever after in this one all the sweeter.

If you want a short and sweet romance, with just a touch of spice, Hotel Spectre is the one for you.