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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honorable Intentions by Margo Hoornstra

Honorable Intentions by Margo Hoornstra
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (289 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Former cop Samantha Wells is the last person single dad Chase Canfield wants chaperoning his young, impressionable daughter. Not if she's the same beautiful stranger who shamelessly came on to him with all the promise of unfulfilled passion, making her impossible to forget.

Samantha must prove to Chase she's a competent, trustworthy professional. That the sultry seductress he knew was only a pretense, her misguided alter ego acting on a stupid dare.

To save her reputation, she has to make him believe the mind blowing kisses and undeniable connection they shared meant nothing.

The hard part will be convincing herself.

Instant attraction, denials, and misunderstanding laced with a liberal helping of a bitchy ex wife and her scheming husband ensure there’s plenty of emotion on every page of this story. Add to the mix a beguiling daughter whose growth throughout the story endears her to Ms Hoornstra’s readers and character’s alike.

Samantha Wells lends new meaning to stubborn. Her return to work starts with an obnoxious phone call from the work-colleague from hell, gloating over her new assignment -- information he shouldn’t be privy to. His challenge to her to ‘get a life’ hit a raw note, and lit a fuse to an emotional rocket that threatened to go berserk, so when she ran into Chase Canfield in her favourite coffee shop and sparks flew, she decided to go for it.

When Chase Canfield discovers his daughter’s new bodyguard is the same woman who’d come on to him earlier disillusionment and anger set in. How can he trust the woman, with morals that equal an alley-cat's, to look after his most precious treasure, his daughter?

The list of characters are mixed and varied and each propels their scene forward lending pace and energy to her main characters. With two such strong main characters, you may be forgiven for thinking their immediate supporting cast could not do them justice. Chase’s daughter Lisa blossoms beneath the new environment that Samantha brings to their lives, and just when you think everything is working out splendidly up pops the bitchy ex again with one more challenge.

Every page is packed with emotion and action, and this is a story you will find hard to put down, once you’ve read the first page.