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Friday, November 20, 2009

Eureka Springs by Annette Snyder

Eureka Springs by Annette Snyder
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (222 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

With an excuse of managing inherited property, Ruth Seidle runs from her ruined reputation. She vows to begin a new life without married men, undisclosed lies or destroyed friendships. Who knew her choices include so much of her hidden past?

John Vickers buries a history of adultery the day he lays his unfaithful wife to rest and, with his infant daughter in tow, begins life in a better direction void of betrayal and deceit. Can he overlook the past to view the positive side of a bad situation and build a better future for his family?

When Ruth crashes into John’s life, can she gain faith in her own devices and be the person she promised? Can John put previous experience aside and trust the best is possible even when his heart’s involved?

Gossip and adultery create a bubbling cauldron of hurt. In a small town like Eureka Springs, Florida, the cauldron simmers and at times boils over. In 1947, people were moving from wartime to a more prosperous time with tremendous social changes, but sexual harassment was still alive and well in the workplace, especially for single women.

Ruth Seidle, determined to change her life after messing it up royally from the time she graduated high school until the death of her married lover, plans to move from a small town in Nebraska to New York City and live in anonymity so small-town gossip can never hurt her again. However, she must first settle her Aunt Virginia’s estate in Eureka Spring, a small town in Florida. Before she knows it, she is embroiled in gossip once again.

John Vickers, a widower and father of adorable little Gretchen, had a special connection with Aunt Virginia. And he knows the ways of Eureka Springs, his hometown. He is comfortable with himself and his life style. However, when Ruth comes to town, he realizes he wants her in his life. As obstacles pile up to thwart their building a relationship, John overcomes most of them, but seeing Ruth in another man’s embrace is too much. He rejects her, breaking both his and Ruth’s hearts. Little Gretchen helps him find his way back to love.

Annette Snyder gives the reader an excellent glimpse into the morals of society, the quest for material gain and social position that flourished after World War II. She also gives a glimpse into Aunt Virginia’s life, a heartfelt love story of a single woman.

When Ruth and John finally recognize the wisdom of Aunt Virginia’s saying, “Love who your heart tells you to”, they begin to move in a positive direction toward the future rather than being mired in the past with all its mistakes.

Gossip and the damage it can do are ever present in this story of people finding their way to happiness in a unique time of history.