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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dying Scream by Mary Burton

Dying Scream by Mary Burton
Publisher: Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (379 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by: Tiger Lily

No One Will Find You
An aspiring artist. A high-school senior. A stripper. Three women who seemed to have nothing in common except their sudden disappearance. But one man knew them all. Wealthy, privileged Craig Thornton even claimed to love them. And for that, they paid the ultimate price.

No One Will Save You
When Adrianna Barrington receives an anniversary card from her husband Craig, she assumes it’s some crackpot’s idea of a joke. After all, Craig is dead. But then come phone calls, flowers, messages…all reminding her how much Craig misses her. While Adrianna begins to doubt her sanity, grisly remains are found on the Thornton estate. Detective Gage Hudson is convinced the bodies are linked to Craig. But the biggest shocks are yet to come.

No One Will Hear You Scream
A psychopath has taken up his chilling work again, each death a prelude to the moment when she is under his control at last. And the only way for Gage and Adrianna to stop him is to uncover the truth about a family’s dark past—and a twisted love that someone will kill for, again and again…

Some decisions in life are easy—nap or stay awake, sit or stand, yes or no. Other decisions feel right, but end up being all wrong—which shoes go with the teeny black dress, dinner at eight or nine... or being with the right man. What do you do when you’ve made the wrong decision? Read Dying Scream to see how Arianna deals with her struggle to find Mr. Right after her husband passes away.

Ms. Burton writes the type of novel you can’t put down. I opened the book expecting a good read, but found myself still reading three hours later and not wanting the story to end. Her characters are intelligent (even the antagonists) and captivating. You want to see Gage and Arianna succeed and make a go of the blossoming relationship. The plot was complex, but it added to the drama of the story and kept the reader involved. I also loved the secondary relationships in this novel. The characters of Alex and Tess and their burgeoning relationship added an extra hint of spice.

As the hero, I liked Gage. An ex-football player, he knew what he wanted and went after it with dogged determination. I liked the subtext with his sister. It added a nice amount of tension and background on him. I know he had a job to do, but I would’ve liked to have seen him go after Arianna a bit more, but I liked the push and pull between them.

Arianna made a fine heroine. She’d been through tragedy and came out stronger. I think she made a good role model for modern women. I wanted her to go for her dreams a bit more. She wanted to want Gage, but her pride kept her away from him and that didn’t gel for me. But it added another layer of tension and made the ending more powerful.

If you want a sexy, fast-paced suspense read, then you need to get a copy of Dying Scream. You won’t want to miss this novel.