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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Betrayal by Kim Amburn

Betrayal by Kim Amburn
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (228 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Oleander

The last thing Louisville corporate attorney Becca Ellis expects to find when she makes an emergency trip home is her sister's body hanging naked in her bedroom. The sheriff says its suicide, but Becca knows better--and what’s all this about Elizabeth willing the family home and its contents to the new church in town?

When Mac Holt left the army to care for his dying mother, he never expected to see Becca Ellis again. He’d betrayed her fourteen years ago, and knew it. But when no one else will help her find out what happened to her sister, and someone tries to kill Becca, too, Mac feels he owes it to her to step in and keep her safe for as long as she’s in Sedgefield—whether Becca wants him around or not.

Will they discover the truth about Elizabeth’s killer, the past, and their feelings for each other before time runs out?

Becca Ellis has returned home to Sedgefield, a successful Louisville corporate attorney has returned to at the plea of her older sister Elizabeth to aid her. All Becca knows is that her sister needs her, but Becca finds her hanging in her bedroom. Distraught with grief that she couldn’t get to her sister fast enough when she obviously needed her desperately Becca lets the town know that she is here to hunt down the murderer of her sister and won’t leave until she does. Little does Becca know that the man she has loved all her life, Mac Holt, is back in town and stirs up more than just youthful memories.

Mac and Becca were once in love, but Mac left her long ago and Becca still carries those wounds close to her heart. Now he's back in town and won't leave Becca’s side for a second. He's still in love with her, believes Becca when she claims that her sister didn’t commit suicide and wants to help her prove it was actually murder.

Author Kim Amburn has created a fast paced thrill ride with descriptive writing, a solid plot and top notch characters in this down home drama. Intertwining many characters and more than one sub plot as each story intersected and developed on their own to create a fabulous mystery and sweet love story. A great read that I highly recommend.