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Monday, November 9, 2009

Angelic Avenger by Kaye Chambers

Angelic Avenger by Kaye Chambers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (220 Pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Holly

The road to hell is paved with heavenly desire…

Angelic Avengers, Book 1

Fetch a soul? No problem. Quell a little shape shifter rebellion? She can do that, too. Just an average day in the afterlife of Arabella “Bella” Morrison. Or, what she hopes will become an afterlife after restoring the cosmic imbalance caused by her suicide over a love affair gone bad.

Protect a willful fallen angel? That takes a little more teamwork than she’s accustomed to. Especially when the team includes Gray Devereau, a sexy, half-breed angel who’s got an eye on her—in more ways than one. Their attraction could set fire to Heaven itself. Normally not a problem for Bella, but Gray’s sights are set on something more than a fly-by-night affair.

Save mankind from chaos? Bring it on. Let her heart trust a man enough to love again? It’ll be a cold day in hell…

Arabella “Bella” Morrison has a problem trusting men. That’s because she tried that once, and it’s why she’s dead. You would think that being dead might be a career ender, but for Bella, not so much. She has become a collector, you see. What does she collect, you ask? She’s a reaper of souls, collecting them to be judged by her “employers”.

When a shifter war looms, endangering not only the shifters, but much of humanity as well, she is enlisted in the effort to prevent wholesale slaughter. Helping her in this is Gray Devereau, a half-breed angel, who gets to Bella in more ways than she cares to count. Can they keep the peace and prevent the threatened war? Can Bella keep Gray at arms length, and does she want to? And just who is Gray Devereau and why does he remind her of someone else she knows?

Kaye Chambers has come up with a strong heroine in Bella Morrison. Bella tries to do the right thing, but things just seem to go bad in spite of her best efforts. Bella feels she needs to fins a balance after her suicide over a failed romance. The character development is marvelous. Bella is not perfect, and is the first to admit it. She makes mistakes, but she tries hard to fix them, too. She fights the attraction to Gray, but once he decides to help her, she is scared of the attraction.

The other characters in this story are just as deep and multi-dimensional as Bella and Gray. There’s Gavreel, her “boss” and Gray’s father, Foras, the fallen angel who is Hades head general, and so many more. Each plays an integral part in making Bella who she has become, and when Bella figures out why Gray seems familiar, she wonders why she didn’t see it sooner. There are many surprises in this story, and the end is not at all what I expected.

Ms Chambers has packed this with passion, and hard driving action. There is definitely a happy ever after, but not the one I was expecting, at least not quite. Do Bella and Gray end up together? You will have to read Angelic Avenger to know for sure. I look forward to the next visit with these angels, that’s for sure.