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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worth Every Breath by Suzannah Safi

Worth Every Breath by Suzannah Safi
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (200 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

When the lovely Annabelle from California takes on a job in York, England as a companion for an embittered, paralyzed Chris MacCloud who has lost his wife in an accident, she finds herself strangely drawn to his savage sensuality. But she must overcome not only his deep mistrust of love, which is inflamed by her uncanny resemblance to his late wife, but also withstand the wicked relatives who are scheming for his fortune.

Little does Annabelle know that at the end of this twisted trail of passion and deceit lies, in the words of a song she has written, "what I'm looking for….it's worth every breath." Can Chris forget his past, can Annabelle win his trust and teach him to love again? And can she herself learn to forgive and forget?

Annabelle and Christopher start off at odds with each other, but a sexual attraction roars to life and sets both their lives on a new course.

WORTH EVERY BREATH has all the elements a reader expects in a romance. However, Christopher has supposedly been severely depressed for months but kept this upper body super fit even though his lower body is paralyzed. These two conditions (depression and a desire to keep in shape) do not usually co-exist. His retreat from social interaction and his tantrums have his household staff uneasy. His friend Jack sets a plan in motion to help Christopher get well.

Annabelle is the key to Jack’s plan. She needs to get away from an abusive boy friend. Since Christopher’s estate is near York, she would be far from London if she went to help him. Of course, Jack fails to mention some rather important facts that Annabelle soon learns upon arriving at the estate.

Christopher is furious about the whole setup and seems to take a rather perverse pleasure in making Annabelle miserable, even though or maybe because, he is drawn to her in ways that he despises because of passed happening with his now-dead wife. Annabelle comes close to allowing herself to be a victim again because of her attraction to Christopher that she is not sure she understands.

This sexual attraction, that they act on without delay, propels the story as Christopher’s back story and his never-ending struggle with his half-sister grabs the reader’s imagination. When Annabelle’s former boyfriend shows up, the reader see a totally new side to Christopher that adds a new layer to the plot. It sets the story on a new course.

Annabelle and Christopher create much grief for themselves as they each work to heal from old emotional wounds. Learning to TRUST is difficult. Finally, the truth about events of the past allows the fears and guilt to abate. As healing comes, their real personalities emerge, so they can find their happy-ever-after.