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Friday, October 16, 2009

Simon Says Mommy by Kay Stockham

Simon Says Mommy by Kay Stockham
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (250 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Dr. Ethan Tulane is juggling more than even his type A personality can handle. Between his new job as chief of surgery and learning to be a dad to Simon, his adopted son, Ethan is desperate. Enter Megan Rose, the temporary nanny. Simon bonds instantly with her, which makes Ethan heave a sigh of relief—even as he notices she's very good-looking.

It's not long before they're exploring those sparks between them. Megan might be the one woman he could have forever with. Too bad there's something she's not sharing—something that could send her to the door before he can talk commitment. Ethan can't let that happen, so it's time for the big guns—letting Simon persuade her!

He needs another set of arms in his life. She needs a job and to reconnect with her sister. When he comes into her life offering a solution, what’s a girl to say? Well, read Simon Says Mommy and find out.

Ms. Stockham scores another great story with this novel. We meet yet another of the Tulanes, Dr. Ethan. I loved how the stories intertwined with earlier characters. From page one until the end, I couldn’t put this novel down. I wanted to see how Ethan and Megan worked out their differences and the issues they couldn’t control in order to be together.

No one is born perfect, including the heroine, Megan Rose. She’s beautiful, but she’s also troubled. Her sister can’t see her as anything other than slender competition. I liked how Ms. Stockham used this contemporary issue of body type and body envy in the novel. Yes, Megan had looks, but she wanted honest love. Who doesn’t? We all have flaws and it takes a strong person to come to terms with their flaws. An even stronger person takes those issues and turns them into positives like Megan. She used her natural gifts to be a nanny to Ethan’s adoptive son.

As a hero, Ethan showed that the most in control person has times when they cannot dictate everything. I liked seeing him falter, but not in an evil aspect, but because it made him human. Raising children and working is a juggling act many people struggle with. Ethan’s struggles made him more relatable to the reader. You couldn’t help but want to see him succeed when he realized he loved Megan.

If you want a sweet romance that will stick with you long after the last page, then you want to read Simon Says Mommy.