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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shoreline by Jennifer Loy

Shoreline by Jennifer Loy
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Full (257 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Dr. Trina Parker flies to the island of Oahu for a medical conference. All she wants is for the conference to be over and to get some peace and quiet at the Lanikai beach house she rented for the week.

One night, while taking a dip in the ocean, she gets caught underwater between two figures in a struggle—enemies, rivals...and mermen. Soon, Trina finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime. Journeys into the depths of the sea, secret cures, and an intimate relationship with a mythical creature, challenge all the science Trina has learned as fact.

Will she choose the love of her life, her career, or get the best of both worlds?

What starts out as an ordinary medical conference turns into the adventure of a lifetime for Dr. Trina Parker.

Trina is completely bored with the medical conference in Hawaii. She can hardly wait for it to be over so that she can take some much needed time to relax. On her first night in Hawaii, she decides to go for a swim in the ocean only find herself in the center of some kind of undersea scuffle between to creatures she can’t identify. Completely confused, Trina somehow manages to get back to shore only to have a strange man turn up on her doorstep. His name is Vidar and he’s injured. Trina tends his wounds and later learns that he is a merman who received his wound during the fight that Trina found herself caught in.

Vidar is friendly at first, but soon another side of him is revealed. He tries to “thank” Trina for stitching up his wound by making unwanted sexual advances toward her. Fortunately she is saved by yet another stranger who chases Vidar away. The new stranger is named Arris and not only is he a merman, but he was involved in the underwater struggle with Vidar, who turns out to be a criminal.

Arris takes it upon himself to protect Trina incase Vidar returns. No matter how practical Trina tries to be about the situation, the chemistry between her and Arris is undeniable. Arris show her his home under the sea, which though simple is still fascinating, especially for a woman of science. Despite the beauty of the undersea community, all is not well. Many of the merpeople are sick from a strange disease that their doctors have been unable to cure. As a doctor, Trina immediately offers to help. However, Vidar is determined to be the one to bring the cure to his people, hoping to return to his people a hero and receive a pardon from his prison sentence. Trina must now find a cure for the merpeople while trying to avoid Vidar. Through it all, Trina must try to sort out her feelings for Arris and decide if a human and a merman can find a way to live together.

As a heroine, Trina is very practical. She is a woman firmly rooted in the facts of science. As a woman in a male dominated profession, Trina is very driven and determined to prove that she can succeed where others have told her she can’t. With no family of her own, Trina’s career became her life, leaving little time for others. If her relationship with Arris is going to succeed, Trina must realize that it is ok to be a little vulnerable as well as learn to compromise.

Arris is definitely a different hero. While he is self confident in the water, he is certainly a bit naïve when it comes to life on the land. While the food and culture of people on land is strange to him, he also finds the way men and women relate to each other strange as well. In the undersea world, women are treated with much more respect and adoration then they are on land. Arris immediately falls in love with Trina and gives his heart to her. He finds her reluctance to do the same in return puzzling. To be with Trina, Arris must learn to be patient and understand that there are things in her past that make her hesitant to trust others.

I also must mention that I loved the fact that the hero of the book was a merman. As an avid reader of fairytales and fantasy, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that there could be an entire culture living just underneath the waves. I thought Ms. Loy’s ideas of what merculture would be like were very well thought out and interesting.

I truly enjoyed reading Shoreline and heartily recommend it to readers looking to escape into an entertaining fantasy filled with romance.