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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roman Holiday by Phyllis A. Humphrey

Roman Holiday by Phyllis A. Humphrey
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary
Length: Full (214 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

Impetuous—and sometimes klutzy—Darcy Gibson, a Los Angeles magazine writer, is given the assignment to research a tour of Italy for an article. Her boss calls this her “last chance” to save her job. But she meets Todd Matthews, an artist/computer consultant, and, despite her plans to stick strictly to business, romance follows. Todd feels the same about Darcy but has a skeleton in his closet. Just when the couple feel they’re able to solve their problems, Todd is accused of molesting a young girl on the tour, and he leaves town. Can Darcy, who has forgiveness problems of her own, not only find Todd but pull a rabbit out of a hat to produce a happy-ever-after?

Roman Holiday is a delight! I loved this book from page one. The humorous tone and voice of the heroine, Darcy Gibson, is very chick-lit like. Personable and kooky. From the beginning you wonder what scrapes she'll get herself into.

On a working holiday, Darcy meets freelance computer guy and part-time painter, Todd Matthews. He's easy-going and easy to talk to, but this is so not the time for a romance. She's on assignment, and if she messes this one up she may not have a job to come home to.

One part of this book not to be missed is the tour of Old World Italy. The descriptions from the point of view of our intrepid reporter were quite insightful and vivid while telling of the person of this character. The book is told in first person and I realized about halfway through that I didn't actually miss the POV of Todd. The book really is about Darcy and how she navigates her way through her trip to Italy and really life in general.

Todd seems very open and sweet but he has a secret and it's the one part of him that makes Darcy reluctant to want to move forward with their relationship. Yet she is very drawn to him and it becomes apparent that the feeling is mutual.

The dark moment, which happens in the last third of the book, will really surprise you and takes you on a new bend in the adventure. Terrific plotting. The books starts as a hilarious tale, but as we draw closer to the conclusion the story digs deeper into your heart and takes hold.

I definitely recommend it not just as an Inspirational but for anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with characters who grow through the challenges of life.