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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Past Imperfect by J.M. Cornwell

Past Imperfect by J.M. Cornwell
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (210 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Hibiscus

Devastated by love and nearly killed in a car crash, Lynn Sanderson disappeared, returning five years later with a new name, a new face, and a plan…

Adrian Cahill didn’t realize his ideal woman, his soul mate, was right in front of him, so Lynn walked away from their stagnant relationship.

She had no idea she’d soon be involved in a near-fatal crash that would change her appearance and leave her haunted with nightmares of accidents and death. No longer the same person, Lynn took on another girl’s name and carved out a new identity.
While recuperating from reconstructive surgery, she bought a run-down cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. With the help of local handyman John Logan she brought the structure back to life, turning it into a wonderful retreat. He also helped her remodel an abandoned factory near Bolton air field in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years the two became close friends, though Logan remained a mystery, never revealing much about his personal life or his past.

After five years and in her new incarnation as Diana, Lynn made up her mind to go back for the man who rejected her, and goad him into chasing her until she catches him. Could she create a new ending for an imperfect past?

And how will Logan, her mysterious mountain man, feel about losing his best friend?

Sir Walter Scott said it best: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” And what a tangled story I found Past Imperfect to be. There are stories and lives that are intertwined from beginning to end.

Lynn Sanderson/Diana Palmer struck me as a very tragic heroine. To expect something from your significant other only to realize that they don’t even notice who you are, followed by a horrific accident. Then what she had to do to overcome her injuries had me pulling for her to make it. But there were times I was yelling for Lynn/Diana to open her eyes and see what was in front of her face. It bothered me a lot that Lynn/Diana was so single minded on recapturing the past. I could understand if she was out for revenge but I felt that she was doing it for a twisted type of love she had for Adrian.

I didn’t like the character of Adrian Cahill. He seemed like a player to me. I didn’t think he could truly care for anyone. The only time he was interested in Lynn/Diana was when she followed her plan and showed no interest in him. Adrian then had to work to catch her. But then, when he changed his house and his ways for Lynn/Diana, I was in a state of shock. Could he have found his heart after all? I was on the edge of my seat as I tried to decide who I should pull for.

The character of John Logan as Lynn/Diana’s handyman, friend, sounding board and shoulder to lean on, took me by surprise. After five years together, suddenly John is afraid of losing Lynn/Diana. The things that he did for Lynn/Diana had me wondering if he wanted to take their friendship to another level. I was surprised at how John manipulated so many things without anyone knowing. Then when he revealed another secret, you could have picked me up off the floor.

There was another main character, Jack, her agent. Jack also cares about Lynn/Diana and knew everything that happened to her. Jack does a few manipulations of his own to help Lynn/Diana realize what it is she really wants from life.

Past Imperfect, in my humble opinion, was not a perfect story but it was a very good story with many twists and turns. The twisted minds and manipulations of some of the characters made Past Imperfect a darker romance than what I was expecting but I still had fun yelling at them in my mind. I enjoyed reading it and think if you enjoy a romance with lots of surprises, you will too.