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Friday, October 2, 2009

More than Great Riches by Jan Washburn

More than Great Riches by Jan Washburn
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Inspirational
Length: Short (188 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Coltsfoot

Tracy Dixon is an unwitting suspect in a high-profile jewelry theft. The NYPD warns her not to leave town. But Tracy gets word that her beloved brother, Jeff, is barely clinging to life, seriously burned in an automobile accident. Although she had vowed never again to set foot in her hometown, Tracy throws caution to the wind and rushes back to Allerton.

Leif Ericson, Allerton’s chief of police, can’t forget that he was lured into a trap by a pretty woman. His bad knee is a constant reminder of his moment of weakness. How can he trust this beautiful stranger who claims to be Jeff Dixon’s sister? The gossips in Allerton warn him about her shady reputation.

Tracy faces a tough battle to prove her innocence, earn Leif’s trust, and reclaim her good name.

Tracy Dixon faces the toughest battle of her life when she learns her brother is clinging on for his life. Now she must prove her innocence to Allerton’s chief of police, Leif Ericson. But can he trust Tracy and get over his bad knee, his constant reminder of his moment of weakness that almost cost him everything?

This was such a sweet, charming and romantic read. I just can’t believe how well-rounded Tracy and Leif are and how much they connect together. I love that Leif was there for Tracy and helped her overcome her fears and help her deal with her brothers accident and prove her innocence.

I loved this story. It truly was magical. I loved how Ms. Washburn showed that no matter what your past has brought you, it only makes your future stronger. If you can deal with rumors and look past societies judgment than you can become the person you were meant to become. Tracy has a battle to fight, when she returns to her hometown, something she vowed never to do, she thought she would be fighting alone. But in walks, smooth talking, sexy, chief of police, to help her get through her hard time.

This is my first inspirational read, I never gave much thought to the genre, but once I read the blurb to this story I knew I had to read it. I’m so happy I did. The message is such an inspiring one and one we all need to hear. If you’ve never read an inspirational, I recommend it and I suggest you start by reading this story. It’s classic and timeless. It’s romantic and heartwarming. It’s endearing and unforgettable. Ms. Washburn is an author I am going to research and see what else she has to offer.