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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mixed Blessings by Diane Amos

Mixed Blessings by Diane Amos
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (284 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

When Monique St. Cyr's mother, erotic fiction author Ann Marie, leaves on a three-month honeymoon, Monique is certain her life is about to improve: that is, until old-fashioned Aunt Lilly and deaf Gramps move into the duplex next door-- boxes of her mother's ripped erotic books show up on Monique's doorstep with threatening notes--and her aunt and her best friend end up pregnant. While Monique struggles to balance her career and her romance with gorgeous cop, Jake Dube, his ex-fiancée announces she wants him back. Monique wages the battle of her life, sometimes with hilarious consequences, providing many laughs for readers of this romantic comedy.

This book is fun! The heroine is set on helping friends and relatives and keeping her man. How can such simple aims get her into so much trouble?

Staid, single Aunt Lilly attends the wedding of Monique's mother. Lilly seems much older than her actual age and Monique tries to cheer her up and give her a good time. Her plan goes haywire when Lilly enjoys herself so much, she decides to stay for a few months and gradually turns from a gray haired spinster to a red haired 'eager to try anything' woman. She even reads the erotic books written by Monique's mother and insists on calling them 'manuals'.

Both Monique and her boyfriend Jake have been hurt before and have taken their relationship slowly. Jake wants to get engaged but Monique wants to establish her career first. Jake's ex-girlfriend who is hungry to get back together with him has appeared on the scene. No wonder Monique feels her world is full of trouble—but worse is to come!

Burglary, attempted murder, dangerous driving but most of all humor—this book had me eager to find out what the heroine was going to do next. Every time I thought the story was getting serious, a humorous twist lightened the mood. I've stated this book is adventure, action, mystery and suspense. It does have all of these but only in a sub-plot. Basically Mixed Blessings is a contemporary romance with that little bit extra that makes it well worth the reading.

Monique gets up to the most hilarious escapades and is ably abetted (and obstructed) by her too eager aunt. Jake, who is a cop, has far more patience than most men, but independent Monique is determined to do things her way. Her way is what makes the book so appealing. It's also what gets her in so much trouble both personally and career wise.

If you like a fast paced book that grips your interest and also makes you laugh, then this is a book you must read. If this is a sample of Diane Amos' books then I would love to read other books by the same author.