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Friday, October 2, 2009

Lovin' Montana by Lynnette Baughman

Lovin' Montana by Lynnette Baughman
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (254 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Rand Monahan arrives in Montana with a bad attitude. After a heart attack and three months of cardiac rehab, the Wall Street millionaire is on a “relax or die” vacation. The remote town of Bitter Falls holds no charm for him--until he meets the owner of a shop called Memories Mine and discovers how powerful Montana moonlight can be.

Luanne Holt knows she needs to look forward, but she’s mired in the past. After her fiancé died--on their wedding day--she took up the legal battle to get his valuable solar cell patent back from the Wall Street scoundrels who took it. She won’t let herself love again until the solar cell factory is open in Bitter Falls. But Rand Monahan and the tidal pull of the autumn moon are tugging her heart toward the future.

“Life is for the living.” But, Luann Holt lives her life trying to make her dead fiancé’s dreams come true, while Rand Monahan lives his live “by-proxy”.

Thirty-six year old Rand, on a forced vacation to recuperate from a heart attack, sees Luann Holt as a woman quite different from women of his acquaintance in the “money world” of New York. They are like new, brightly painted bulldozers with sharp blades, while Luann is like a surrey with the fringe on top.

In the small town of Bitter Falls, Montana, Luann owns a quaint little shop named Memories Mine and works tirelessly to get Suncatcher Solar Cell factory up and running so it can produce solar cells that Ted, her dead fiancé, invented and to create jobs for the people of the community. However, she and Ted’s brother Finn, a lawyer in New York, are fighting Allied Advent Technology, a financial giant, for control of Ted’s invention. She feels like Daniel in the lions’ den

Rand, albeit unintentionally, becomes involved in their efforts, putting stress on his damaged heart and on his future happiness.

Lynnette Baughman’s writing style makes LOVIN’ MONTANA a delight to read. The undercurrent of humor never negates the seriousness of the problems; but the analogies, imagery, metaphors, and subtle innuendo move this story along like a sleek sailboat with a steady breeze to waft it on its way.

The secondary characters like Cory, Luann’s best friend; Amelia, her grandmother; Rocky, Rand’s grandfather; Rand’s sister and family; his best friend Jeff and his friend Serena influence events that sometime help and sometime hinders Rand and Luann’s relationship. Of course, the antagonist Dexter creates a real mess for them to cleanup.

The plot deals with some timely issues, but it never over shadows the characters journey to the world of true love. Second chances at life and love are precious indeed and truly are for the living.